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Handwriting Without Tearms

New name, fun and learning stays the same!

Welcome to
Learning Without Tears

In the coming months, you’ll begin to see our new name reflected on our website and materials!

We’re excited to announce our new company name, Learning Without Tears™, which reflects our ability to provide proven tools and strategies for all learners from Pre-K to elementary school.

Over the years, we have continued to grow and evolve to meet and exceed the needs of students in rapidly changing classrooms. Although our name is changing, our products and materials are staying the same, providing a proven approach to teaching crucial readiness skills in Pre-K to foundational writing skills in elementary school.

This name change represents our unique approach to learning and sets us apart as the only education provider that offers all the foundation skills your students need to be confident communicators in the classroom.

Meet the members of the Learning Without Tears family!


Get Set for School
Early Learning Pre-K

Handwriting Without Tears
Handwriting K–5

Keyboarding Without Tears
Keyboarding K–5