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Handwriting Without Tearms

Celebrate National Handwriting Day with Mail to the Chief!

What advice did America's children give to the new President in 2008?


Please help save our polar bears and all animals. Oh, and don’t wear holey jeans to work.
2nd Grade

I am just a simple kid in 6th grade...My family spends thousands of dollars a year to keep my little sister Emily in good health. I suggest to you donations and health insurance not just for my family but for all the families in need.
6th grade
North Carolina

Have you decided to get a dog yet? I might get a dog. I would like to have a playdate with Sasha. If I can, I would like a response back.
8years old

I hope you will keep me and my mom safe.

My voice works differently because I have autism, but I cheered for you in my own way. For the primaries and then every Tuesday I wore a Barack Obama tshirt. Please take care of people with autism.

I want you to help the soldiers.
Age 6

How many dogs are you going to buy? Did your daughters agree that whatever the dog does, they have to clean it up? Do you like the White House? I love my house.
2nd Grade

You have inspired me to join the Peace Corps when I grow up to help other people out of poverty so they can be like you – following their dreams.

I think you should make schools better by keeping kids safer, having more field trips and having more than one teacher in a classroom.

We should have more stores to help people without money. People shouldn’t litter or steal. Sometimes I pick up trash on the canal.
Grade 1

Please keep the world safe and sound.
Grade 1

Lower the taxes and lower the gas prices and make school for an hour.
Age 9
New Jersey

Don’t hire people just because they look good. Watch them for a few days to see what they do.
Grade 3

I hope you pass a law that makes false advertising illegal. It makes me angry when I buy a toy that turns out to be different than what they said.
Age 10

I don't know if you already know this but the economy is not going as planned.
Grade 3

I think the most important thing is to make people respect other countries and their culture.

Can you stop the racism and stop the wars? Make people remember their manners.
Grade 4
North Carolina

I have a Beagle that you can have.

I think it’s really cool that you grew up in Hawaii because that is where I live. People can learn a lot from Hawaii. One of the many things is how to be peaceful with one another.

You should think about getting more physical education teachers for America because over half of America is obese.

If I were president I would try to remember what I needed as a kid and then try to give every kid I know what they need so they have happy lives.

I researched 5 breeds of hypoallergenic dogs. Based on my research, I think the Miniature Schnauzer would be the perfect dog for your family.
Age 9

Because of you, many people have hope.
Grade 5
Washington, DC

People should use kind words in the world and think about the feelings of others.
Victor Grade 4
North Carolina

I am very sorry that your grandmother died and if it makes you feel any better, go to Disneyland.

Next year nearly 500 to 700 schools will be closing because of budget cuts. I think that when we end the war in Iraq you should try to fund schools.
Grade 5

Will you go on TV some time and talk to America’s children?
Age 9

Always be truthful. You will avoid trouble.
Rhode Island

Sometimes I hope schools will have better food. Sometimes it looks like it expired a long time ago.

My sister is joining the army. Please let her hurry back. Also we need another shelter in Durham. People can't sleep on the streets. It's winter time and it's too cold.
Age 9
North Carolina

Can you make a school for old people since they forget easily?

I think that when you cut down a tree you need to plant two in its place.

Please come read to our class.

I would like for you to change the Food Lion to have lower prices
Grade 4
North Carolina

Taxes are very high here in Alaska. I'm not too stressed about that but I have friends that have trouble with taxes and sometimes it's hard for them to put food on the table.
Grade 5

If reporters are asking you questions, just smile and answer one at a time.

Chaos was left for you to handle, but you bring new and innovated ideas that brings hope to students about to lead the next generation.
North Carolina

I heard that the West Oaks Mall is not having business. Do you know what’s going on?

Welcome to Washington D.C. Your family will love Washington D.C. because it is fun to go to the park. We have good food from El Salvador and Mexico.
Washington, D.C.

I was thinking some people like to take tours around places and I think you could let people see you in your house. You can sell stuff that you don't like.
Grade 3

You should get a group of scientists to try to make a flying car that runs on air. Where do you sleep when you are president?

I think you should help poor people get food. You could show them how to fish.

I would like you to tighten up border control so that terrorists or anything like that won't get into the country and drop bombs or knock down buildings.
Grade 5

I hope you are good to people from Mexico who come to Phoenix like my family.

When I grow up I want to make an impact on other peoples' lives. Is that what you wanted to do? I'm sure you will.
Rhode Island

How are things going in the White House? I would like to see people treat each other with respect and kindness.
Grade 4
North Carolina

Would you please make a law about littering? It makes our neighborhood ugly.
Age 7

I hope you will be able to stop bullying in Arizona. That would really show me what a good president you're gonna be.

Make our army and navy bigger because that would make other people scared to attack us.
Grade 3

Can you build a theme park in Arizona because most people don't have the money to buy airline tickets.

You should pay good teachers more and replace bad teachers.
Grade 5

Don' let the aliens from Mars destroy the city.

I will very much hope that our country will be in your safest hands, with a spare set of hands for the poor.
5th Grade

Bullies should be arrested and go to jail.
2nd grade

Are you going to create more jobs for the Americans? Do you think we have a chance to go back to another depression like in the 30's and 40's?
Age 10

You should send spies to see what the terrorists ar planning and then send troops according to what the spies say.
Grade 3

I know you've heard of global warming. Everyone has, but most people aren't doing anything.
Grade 5

Do you think Mr. Bush is glad that you're president? Because it looked like he wanted John McCain.

I would like you to let teachers have more money to buy school supplies. My teacher had to use her money to buy supplies. It makes me unhappy.
Grade 6

I hope you do not fight with people. If you do you will get fired. I do not want that to happen.

Can you help people living in trailers or apartments who cannot afford a house get a home?

I am very happy that you are my President. My baby brother keeps taking my toy cats. Can you pass a law?

I heard you were getting a dog. I think you should get a havapoo. They don't shed and they're cute.
3rd grade
New York

My advice I'd like to offer you is to lower taxes. Also, if you are getting a dog, you should get a beagle. They are really cute! Some other advice is to stop the war. Then every veteran could come back to take a long break. I hope my advice helps.
3rd grade
New York

You should get a dog that your whole family wants. Even you! Also try to have fun at all of those meetings and try to spend at least some time with your family members.
3rd grade
New York

My advice I like to offer you is to help California with the fires. Give money to hospitals because people are getting hurt.
3rd grade
New York

My advice I have to offer is always do something that you think is fun.
3rd grade
New York

My advice I like to offer is help health care and food allergies. Good luck with being President.
3rd grade
New York

My advice I like to offer you is opening more schools and helping the people who are having a hard time at work. I also have more advice – it is end the war and get more doctors if you cannot end the war.
3rd grade
New York

Please keep the world safe and sound.
Grade 1

Will you help us learn math?
Grade 1

Can you please stop the wars? Can you build schools for kids who need schools? Could you build houses for people? I like peace! I shook your hand at the fair.
Grade 2

If I was president I would lower taxes to 0% and I would give all the poor people a home. I would give all the poor people money and make Monday not a school day.
New Jersey

Please get us more books. I think you are cool. When will you get the dog?
Grade 1

I am concerned about the environment here in the U.S. First of all, a big issue is pollution. People throw trash everywhere! I suggest you make a law for this because it is hurting the environment, animals could swallow the trash by accident and then die. And pollution can cause global warming.
Grade 5

We should also try to stop global warming and pollution both. An easy way to do this would be to promote public transportation and carpooling.
Grade 4

I'm very concerned about health insurance. I feel it should be more affordable for the elderly and the poor.
Age 8

I was wondering if you can tell people to stop littering on land and in the ocean.
Age 10

As you know, gas prices are going down which is good, but we need alternative sources like hydrogen and hybrid cars.
Age 9

I would like people to stop killing animals. I would like you to make sure people don't get sick.
Age 6

Can you stop people from making cigarettes?
Age 7

My advice to you is try to shut down all of the factories that make cigarettes.
Grade 2

My wish for the world is that you will help stop the war. Can I have a playdate with your daughters?
Grade 1

I think you should try to avoid being the type of person who lets the attention go to their head. Now I am not saying you will because I think you'll make a great president, but I just want to warn you.
Grade 6
New York

Let your puppy have lots of outside time.
Grade 1

My sister has autism and I was wondering what you are going to do to make it better for autistic kids and their families.
Grade 5
New York

I am Ethan and I approve this message. Make the gas prices go down to free.
Grade 1

As a student, I would like you to cut back on all the tests we take and let the teachers teach more.
Grade 5
New York

Now let's get down to business. I would like you to do your best to bring the troops home safe. I would also like you to bring back the strength of America's economy. I would also be happy if you made a lot more thing eco-friendly.
Grade 6
New York

As a student, I would like you to think about colleges. My sister is going into college next year and hopefully we can afford it.
Grade 6
New York

My advice to you is don't be too bossy and please make people stop smoking.
Grade 2

I want to grow up and help the world, so I want to be in the army. I want to help fight the terrorism and gunning. If I don't get in, I want to become a weather man.
Grade 5

I think you should make more animal sanctuaries. We should also stop cutting down rain forests. No offense, but how would you feel if somebody came and wrecked your home?
Grade 5

One of our dreams is to be able to work again, to have our jobs back. That way we can earn a living and be able to say "I'm leaving for work. Bye".
5th grade

Encourage people to recycle paper so you don't have to cut down trees. It will destroy animals homes.
Grade 3

I think you should stop the wars and don't let your dog break anything.
Grade 1

Can you stop kids from talking about politics?
Grade 5

I think you should put up a sign to say not to be cutting down trees. If think if you don't have time to handle this crisis you can give it to the vice president.
Age 10

It would really help my parents if you could lower gas prices.
Grade 3

I'm just a kid, but I have some advice for you. You should try and do something about this recession. People are losing their jobs!
Grade 5

Can you please stop drug addicts from using drugs?
Grade 2

I'm glad you are our first African American president. Have fun at the White House. Follow your heart. Be kind and compassionate to our world.
Grade 5

Throw your pen out the window and get a stamp with your name on it. Do not, I mean do not, go to Texas because my dad got chased from a bull!
Grade 2

Please have strong alliances. I'm an immigrant so keeping peace with Poland and the U.S. is important to me.
Grade 5

I am very excited that we have an African-American president. When my parents were my age this probably wouldn't have happened. That shows how much America has changed.

I hope that you like the oval office. How many bathrooms are at the white house?

Please work with other presidents and kings. Meet with them and become their friends. Then we can all get along.

Be firm. I know that making a big decision that would change our country big time could be very difficult and you might be a bit shaky at first. But being firm is sure to be a great start.
Grade 5

I should warn you. Being president is a big responsibility. All of the American citizens, even me, are in your hand. Don't be stressed out though, there are some positive sides to being president. I hear it has its own bowling alley. Reporters are worse than animals. Some reporters might even camp near the White House. Okay, I didn't mean to freak you out, but that's just the truth.
Age 11

You know there is mother, father and grandparent's day, right? I think there should be kids day.
Grade 5

Please think about what you consider most important, then make it a priority to carry out your plan. As president, think matters through before you make decisions. As president, you should look at the problems of this country as a whole, and not 50 separate states.
Grade 5

Can you stop the parents from fighting? If you can, thank you very much.
Grade 2
New York

I am not president and don't plan on becoming one when I grow up, but I just want to say "Stop and smell the roses".
Grade 5

Be polite to the senators and be polite to Joe Biden.
Grade 5

I'm really into history and you've just made history!
Grade 5

What kind of dog would you like? I LOVE dogs, but my mom is disgusted by them. She says I have to get straight A's which is difficult, I tell you.
Grade 5

Will you do me a favor? Please take care of the Indians because I am Native American. I wish that everybody was treated equally. You should never predict how a person is by the way they look or their skin color.
Grade 5

I think it would be cool if you could visit more schools to talk to kids.
Grade 2
New York

When you become president, remember many hands make light work.
Grade 2
New York

Have good schools.
Age 4

You can help people with problems if you let them come talk to you about it.
Grade 1

You shouldn't let your work eat you up and not spend enough time with your family. You don't want to miss those moments that every dad should have with his kids.
Age 10

Would you please have no more guns or war?
Grade 1

Please rid the world from bad politics.

Please remember to make friends with your surrounding world and countries.

I used to have three favorite presidents, but now I'll have four. Those favorites are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama.

Don't forget to eat healthy food so you don't get sick. Get plenty of rest so you can make tough decisions.
Grade 3

Never doubt or be scared, for you are the president of the U.S.A.

Is it true that you sneak cigarettes to smoke? If you do you should stop. Your kids would want you to quit.

Many thanks to the 35,000 children across the country (and the world!) who wrote Mail to the Chief! Listed below are the schools, families and community groups who participated in the campaign.

We are making headlines around the country!

Mail to the Chief garnered national and local media attention celebrating the efforts by all of the children writing advice to President Obama; read a few of the articles here: 

A.H. Bangert E.S. New Bern, NC
A.J. Mitchell E.S. Nogales, AZ
A.W. Edwards E.S. Havelock, NC
Aaron School New York, NY
Abbondanza-Trujillo Family Chino, CA
Aberdeen Primary School Aberdeen NC
Adewole Family  
Adler Park School Libertyville, IL
Agarwal Family Silver Spring, MD
Agassiz E.S. Jamaica Plain, MA
AHST Community Schools Avoca, IA
Albany Community School Albany, VT
Alcott E.S. Concord, MA
Alleghany School Lindenhurst, NY
Allegheny Intermediate Unit Pittsburgh, PA
Allen E.S. Allen, KY
Allen W. Roberts School New Providence, NJ
Allsopp Family Durango, CO
Almaty International School Almaty, Khazakhstan
Alpharetta E.S. Alpharetta, GA
Amanda's Place Homeschool Sebring, FL
Amend Family Newcastle, WA
American Homeschool Scranton, KS
American Overseas School of Rome Rome, Italy
Amerischools Academy Tucson, AZ
Ancillae Assumpta Academy Wyncote, PA
Anderson Middle School Stuart, FL
Andros Karpero Middle School Yuba City, CA
Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center Ann Arbor, MI
Annoor Islamic School Wichita, KS
Anson E.S. Marshalltown, IA
Aplington-Parkersburg E.S. Parkersburg, IA
Apollo E.S. PAL Program Highland, MI
Aquebogue E.S. Aquebogue, NY
Arco E.S. Arco, ID
Armstrong E.S. Extended Day Program Missouri City, TX
Artondale E.S. Gig Harbor, WA
Ashburn E.S. Ashburn, VA
Ashlawn E.S. Arlington, VA
Austin EcoSchool Austin, TX
Austin Jewish Academy Austin, TX
Bailey Gatzert E.S. Seattle, WA
Balboa Gifted Magnet E.S. Northridge, CA
Ballard West E.S. Slater, IA
Bancroft ES Washington, DC
Bania Family  
Barfield E.S. Murfreesboro, TN
Barfield E.S./Christiana E.S. Murfreesboro, TN
Barr Family Chesterfield, VA
Barrington Place E.S. Sugar Land, TX
Barth Family  
Bashaw E.S. Bradenton, FL
Battlefield Park School Mechanicsville, VA
Baumhart Leveille Family  
Bautista Family Pompano Beach, FL
Baxter Family  
Baywood Elementary Los Osos, CA
Beall E.S. Rockville, MD
Beaverdam E.S. Beaverdam, VA
Bedford Road School Pleasantville, NY
Beeman Family Falls Church, VA
Begich Middle School Anchorage, AK
Bel Air E.S. Bay Point, CA
Belleville Area Special Services Cooperative Belleville, IL
Bellmawr Park School Bellmawr, NJ
Belville E.S. Leland, NC
Ben Franklin School Pennsauken, NJ
Benchmark E.S. Phoenix, AZ
Bentley E.S. New Lenox, IL
Benton E.S. Wichita, KS
Berger Family  
Berkeley Montessori School Berkeley, CA
Berman Family Falls Church, VA
Bernardston E.S. Bernardston, MA
Berry Family Orlando, FL
Bert Raney E.S. Granite Falls, MN
Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community Day School Baltimore, MD
Bethel E.S. Midland, NC
Bethesda Country Day School Bethesda, MD
Beverly Farms E.S. Potomac, MD
Big Little School Houston, TX
Billingsley-Sales Family  
Bills Homeschool  
Birch Family  
Birch Lane E.S. Davis, CA
Black Hawk E.S. Rapid City, SD
Black Hawk E.S. Springfield, IL
Black Traditional Magnet ES Wichita, KS
Blair Community Schools Blair, NE
Blankner School Orlando, FL
Blecher-Sass Family Clark, NJ
Blessed Sacrament School Bronx, NY
Bolden Family Shawnee, KS
Bonner Family Alexandria, VA
Booker T. Washington School Elgin, TX
Boone-Clinton-Northwest Hendricks Joint Services Frankfort, IN
Bovard E.S. Greensburg, PA
Boyd Family  
Boynton E.S. Ringgold, GA
Bradley Family Chicago, IL
Bradley School Wakefield, RI
Brame Family Homeschool Radford, VA
Break-O-Day E.S. New Whiteland, IN
Brewster E.S. Brewster, WA
Briargrove E.S. Houston, TX
Broadview Elementary Weirton, WV
Brookline Elementary Schools Brookline, NH
Brookwood Forest E.S. Mountain Brook, AL
Broward Children's Center Fort Lauderdale, FL
Brownie G.S. Troop #373 Kailua, HI
Brownie G.S. Troop #374 Honolulu, HI
Brownie G.S. Troop 821
Stuart R. Paddock E.S.
Palatine, IL
Brownie Girl Scout Troop #645 Pearl City, HI
Brownie Girl Scout Troop #914 Rockville, MD
Brownie Troop #1132 Barrington, IL
Brownie Troop #1319 Silver Spring, MD
Brownie Troop #1625  
Brownie Troop #211 Waianae, HI
Brownie Troop #3168 Chantilly, VA
Brownie Troop #4679 Waldorf, MD
Brownie Troop #6764 Rockville, MD
Brownie Troop #81298 Frederick, MD
Bryant E.S. Ann Arbor, MI
Buckingham E.S. Bend, OR
Buehler Family Yardley, PA
Bullitt County Schools Shepherdsville, KY
Burgundy Farm Country Day School Alexandria, VA
Burris Laboratory School Muncie, IN
Butler School Darnestown, MD
C.C. Wright E.S. North Wilkesboro, NC
C.H. Gullatt E.S. Union City, GA
C.S. 50X Bronx, NY
Calhoun County Day Treatment Battle Creek, MI
California Virtual Academies  
Calusa Elementary Boca Raton, FL
Campus Community School Dover, DE
Canaan E.S. Canaan, ME
Canaan E.S. Canaan, ME
Canterbury School Fort Wayne, IN
Carbondale Area E.S. Carbondale, PA
Care 4 Kids Childcare Center Wooster, OH
Carey Ridge E.S. Westfield, IN
Carminati E.S. Tempe, AZ
Carriere Family Lexington, KY
Carrollwood Elementary Tampa, FL
Carter Family  
Carvin Family Manhattan, KS
Cato-Meridian E.S. Cato, NY
CDC at Bristol Myers Squibb Penington, NJ
Center Elementary Travis Air Force Base, CA
Center School Stow, MA
Central College Math and Science Magnet School Westerville, OH
Central E.S. South Berwick, ME
Central ES Haddonfield, NJ
Centreville E.S. Centreville, DE
Century Park E.S. Grandville, MI
Chaffee E.S. Oxford, MA
Chen Family Oxnard, CA
Cherokee E.S. Pascagoula, MS
Chicago International Charter Chicago, IL
Chief Shikellamy E.S. Sunbury, PA
Child Development Center at Bristol-Myers Squibb Hopewell, NJ
Child Development Center at Bristol-Myers Squibb Lawrenceville, NJ
Children's Community School Van Nuys, CA
Children's House Montessori School Rapid City, SD
Children's Institute Verona, NJ
Children's Learning Center of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County Roosevelt, NY
Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago, IL
Children's Therapy Center Springfield, VA
Child's Play Therapy Center Birmingham, AL
Chittum Family Jonesborough, TN
Choptank E.S. Cambridge, MD
Churchill Academy Montgomery, jAL
Churchill Road E.S. Brownie Troop McLean, VA
CICS Bucktown Chicago, IL
City School Grand Blanc, MI
City Terrace ES Los Angeles, CA
Clara Barton E.S. Pittsburgh, PA
Claremont E.S. Arlington, VA
Clark Family Jonesboro, GA
Clayton E.S. Clayton, DE
Clearmount E.S. North Canton, OH
Clearview ES Herndon, VA
Cleveland E.S. Norman, OK
Cleveland E.S. Washington, DC
Clevenger Family Crestline, CA
Cliffside Park School Cliffside Park, NJ
Closs Family Mt. Airy, MD
Clover Ridge E.S. Chaska, MN
Cobb Family Greenfield, IN
Coffta Family  
Colchester Public Schools Colechester, CT
Cold Harbor E.S. Mechanicsville, VA
Colebrook E.S. Colebrook, NH
Collins-Maxwell E.S. Collins, IA
Columbia Grammar School New York, NY
Commerce Primary School Commerce, GA
Conant School Concord, NH
Connally E.S. Waco, TX
Connetquot E.S. Islip Terrace, NY
Conowingo E.S. Conowingo, MD
Conway 4th Clarkdale, AZ
Cook Elementary Syracuse, UT
Cook Family Granada Hills, CA
Cook Family  
Cooke Ctr at Our Lady Pompeii NY, NY
Cool Spring E.S. Mechanicsville, VA
Cooper E.S. Sheboygan, WI
Cope Family  
Corbin Family Albuquerque, NM
Corinth E.S Corinth, NY
Corinth Middle School Corinth, NY
Cornerstone E.S. Sugar Land, TX
Corral Drive School Rapid City, SD
Corral Family  
Country Meadows School Buffalo Grove, IL
Country Meadows School Long Grove, IL
Coupeville E.S. Coupeville, WA
Cox Family Carrollton, VA
Crafton E.S. Pittsburgh, PA
Crescent E.S. Council Bluffs, IA
Crockett E.S. Brentwood, TN
Crockett E.S. Brentwood, TN
Crossroads E.S. Norfolk, VA
CSE University Yakima, WA
Curtis Family Philadelphia, PA
Dailey Family Seymour, TN
Daisy GS Troop #276 Honolulu, HI
Daisy GS Troop #624 Easton, MD
Dallastown School District York, PA
Damp Family Oak Harbor, WA
Danville E.S. Danville, IA
Danville School Danville, VT
Danville School Northeast Kingdon, VT
Davidson Family Flowery Branch, GA
Davis County E.S. Bloomfield, IA
Dawes Avenue E.S. Somers Point, NJ
Deerfield E.S. Lawrence, KS
Deerfield E.S. South Deerfield, MA
Deerfield Run E.S. Laurel, MD
Deerfield School #9 Linden, NJ
Deerwood E.S. Orlando, FL
Delphi Academy Milton, MA
Delphi Academy Santa Clara, CA
Delphi Academy of Chicago Lombard, IL
Delphian School Sheridan, OR
Dennis C. Wooton E.S. Hazard, KY
Dennis Early Learning Center/Rockford Public Schools #205 Rockford, IL
Dennis Township E.S. Dennisville, NJ
DeQueen E.S. Port Arthur
Derheim Family  
Desert Sun E.S. Cave Creek, AZ
Dickens Family Mount Airy, MD
Dickerson Family Morehead, KY
DiPaulo Family Bigfork, MT
Discovery Montessori School Jacksonville Beach, FL
Doescher Family  
Dogwood E.S. Reston, VA
Dolgeville E.S. Dolgeville, NY
Dollahan E.S. Rialto, CA
Dommerich E.S. Maitland, FL
Dority Family North Little Rock, AK
Dorman Family Pandora, OH
Dorr E.S. Toledo, OH
Dr. David L. Anderson M.S, Stuart, FL
Dryden E.S. Arlington Heights, IL
Dukes Family Flower Mound, TX
Dulkoski-Millsaps Family  
Dunbar Hill School Hamden, CT
Dunn Family Loveland, CO
Durant Road E.S. Raleigh, NC
Durham E.S. Durham, NY
Dysart Unified School District Surprise, AZ
E. Blackwell Elementary Sammamish, WA
E.L. Haynes Public Charter School Washington, DC
Eanes E.S. Austin, TX
East Natchitoches E.S. Natchitoches, LA
East Natchitoches Middle School Natchitoches, LA
East Union Middle School Marshville, NC
Eastside E.S. Rockmart, GA
Eddings Family Ada, OH
Eisenhower E.S. Indiana, PA
El Toro School Morgan Hill, CA
Elderville Int'l Christian School Longview, TX
Eldridge Park E.S. Lawrenceville, NJ
Elizabeth Avenue School Franklin, NJ
Elizabeth Blackwell E.S. Sammamish, WA
Ellis School Freemont, NH
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Charter School Washington, DC
Emerald Hill E.S. Culpeper, VA
Emerson E.S. Emerson, GA
Emerson Elementary Tulsa, OK
Empire E.S. Freeport, IL
Endeavor E.S. Nampa, ID
Episcopal School of Dallas Dallas, TX
Erickson Family Katy, TX
Erving E.S. Woodhaven, MI
Espino-Nardi Family  
Ethel M. Burke Bellmawr, NJ
Evans Family Orange, NJ
Evansville Day School Evansville, IN
F.I.R.E. Bel Air, MD
F.I.S.H. / T.H.C.H.E.  
Fabra E.S. Boerne, TX
Fairland E.S. Silver Spring, MD
Fairview E.S. Dover, DE
Fairwood E.S. Renton, WA
Fairwood E.S. Renton, WA
Faith Outreach Education Center Hampton, VA
Fang-Yi Family  
Farley Hill E.S. Pinckney, MI
Farmer E.S. Asheboro, NC
Fayetteville Street E.S. Durham, NC
Ferrell Family  
Firethorn Academy Huntersville, NC
Fisher Family Humble, TX
Fletcher Maynard Academy Cambridge, MA
Flores Family Camarillo, CA
Flower Valley E.S. Rockville, MD
Flowing Wells Jr. High School Tucson, AZ
Fogelsville E.S. Breinigsville, PA
Footprints Christian Academy Peachtree City, GA
Forest Hills School District Cincinnati, OH
Forest Ridge E.S. College Station, TX
Forestdale School Malden, MA
Fort Hunt E.S. Alexandria, VA
Frances S. Tucker E.S. Miami, FL
Francis W. Parker School Chicago, IL
Franconia Baptist CDC Alexandria, VA
Franconia E.S. Alexandria, VA
Frank C. Whiteley School Hoffman Estates, IL
Franklin County Schools Frankfort, KY
Franklin E.S. Franklin, CT
Franklin ES North Franklin, CT
Frenchtown School/Edith Ort E.S. Frenchtown, NJ
Friends Seminary New York, NY
Friendship Southeast Elementary Academy Washington, DC
Frisbee E.S. Kittery, ME
Frontier Elementary Red Rock, OK
Fulton Family Greeley, CO
Gandhi Family Bethesda, MD
Garden Song Kids Parkesburg, PA
Garrett Family  
Gaston Day School Gastonia, NC
Geis Family Boise, ID
Gemmrig-Flower Family Bonners Ferry, ID
Geneva Day School Potomac, MD
Georgetown Christian Home Educators Georgetown, TX
Georgian Forest E.S. Silver Spring, MD
German School Washington, DC
Gillette Road Middle School Cicero, NY
Gillette Road Middle School North Syracuse, NY
Girl Scout Junior Troop #737 / Service Unit 10-4 Bryantown, MD
Girl Scout Troop #3414 McLean, VA
Girl Scout Troop #4082 Alexandria, VA
Girl Scout Troop #6418 Arlington, VA
Girl Scout Troop #6503 Silver Spring, MD
Girl Scout Troop 3400 Virginia
Girl Scout Troop 910/SU 70-8 Sterling, VA
Gladys Noon Spellman E.S. Cheverly, MD
Glendening E.S. Groveport, OH
Glenwood School San Rafael, CA
Glidden-Ralston E.S. Glidden, IA
Goddard School Loveland, OH
Goins E.S. Cheyenne, WY
Good Shepherd Lutheran School Pekin, IL
Gorman Family  
Gould Family West Lafayette, IN
Grace Covenent Academy Cornelius, NC
Graham Road E.S. Falls Church, VA
Grandhaven E.S. McMinnville, OR
Gray Family  
Great Expectations School Grand Marais, MN
Green Primary School Elementary Green, OH
Greenbrier ES Arlington Heights, IL
Greene Central School Greene, ME
Greybull E.S. Greybull, WY
Griebel Family Hanover, PA
Grissom E.S. Tulsa, OK
Grosvenor House YMCA New York, NY
Gunn E.S. Council Bluffs, IA
Hall Family Terre Haute, IN
Hamden/New Haven, CT Schools Hamden/New Haven, CT
Hammond Family Greenville, SC
Hampden Meadows E.S. Barrington, RI
Hampton Oaks E.S. Stafford, VA
Handwriting Detective Club Burke, VA
Hannah Martin E.S. Lake in the Hills, IL
Harbor School Eatontown, NJ
Harding Avenue E.S. Lindenhurst, NY
Harris Creek E.S. Raleigh, NC
Harrison Primary School Peoria, IL
Harrison Township E.S. Mullica Hill, NJ
Harry Lee Cole E.S. Boxford, MA
Hartway Family  
Hatfield E.S. Hatfield, PA
Haus Family Kalamazoo, MI
Haviland Avenue School Audubon, NJ
Hawthorne Academy San Antonio, TX
Hazel Green E.S. Hazel Green, AL
Heaton Family Houston, TX
Hebrew Academy of Tidewater Virginia Beach, VA
Hebron Elementary Hebron, OH
Hedges Homeschool Shepherdsville, KY
Hegarty Family Westbury, NY
Heiland Family Topeka, KS
Hendren Family Kilmarnock, VA
Henry Clay E.S. Ashland, VA
Henry Clay E.S. Hanover, VA
Henry Family  
Henry Grew E.S. Hyde Park, MA
Henry Johnson Charter School Albany, NY
Heritage Family Huron Valley, MI
Hernandez Family Kirkland, WA
Hichens Family  
Hickman Charter School Berkeley, CA
Highland Park E.S. Austin, TX
Highlander Charter School Providence, RI
Highpointe Children's Academy Arlington, TX
Hillcrest E.S. Orlando, FL
Hillcrest Professional Development School Waco, TX
Hinds County Human Resource Agency Head Start Jackson, MS
HJM Elementary Port Lavaca, TX
Holladay E.S. Richmond, VA
Hollenbeck Family Wisconsin
Holloway E.S. Holland, OH
Holly Harshman E.S. Mena, AR
Holly Harshman E.S. Mena, AR
Holy Angels, Sandusky Central Catholic School Sandusky, OH
Holy Trinity Home Schoolers Manassas, VA
Holy Trinity School Des Moines, IA
Homes Family Loudonville, OH
Hoover E.S. Bettendorf, IA
Horace Mann E.S. Melrose, MA
Horne E.S. Houston, TX
Horseshoe Trails E.S. Phoenix, AZ
Howard School Atlanta, GA
Howe-Manning School Boxford, MA
Hoy Family Waldorf, MD
Huber Ridge E.S. Westerville, OH
Hunley Park E.S. Charleston, SC
Hunters Woods E.S. for the Arts & Sciences Reston, VA
Hunters Woods E.S. Girl Scout Troop 1931 Reston, VA
Hurlock E.S. Hurlock, MD
Hurt Park E.S. Roanoke, VA
HWT Staff  
Ideoka Family Honolulu, HI
Imagine Elementary at Avondale Avondale, AZ
Imagine International Academy of Smyrna Smyrna, GA
Imagine International Academy of Smyrna Smyrna, GA
Immaculate Heart of Mary Wilmington, DE
Indian Lake E.S. Vicksburg, MI
Indian Landing E.S. Rochester, NY
Indian Peaks Elementary Longmont, CO
Inez E.S. Albuquerque, NM
Irish Elementary Fort Collins, CO
Irving E.S. Joplin, MO
J.F. Dulles E.S. Cincinnati, OH
J.L. Bowler E.S. Bunkerville, NV
Jackson E.S. Davenport, IA
Jackson E.S. Wichita, KS
Jackson Park E.S. University City, MO
Jacksonville Beach E.S. Jacksonville Beach, FL
Jacksonwald E.S. Reading, PA
Jamaica E.S. Lake Havasu, AZ
James Sales E.S. Tacoma, WA
James W. Smith E.S. Cove City, NC
Jamestown E.S. Arlington, VA
Jefferson E.S. Wauwatosa, WI
Jefferson E.S. Emmaus, PA
Jefferson E.S. Sheboygan, WI
Jefferson E.S. Wichita, KS
Jefferson Houston School for Arts & Academics Alexandria, VA
Jefferson School Wauwatosa, WI
Jensen Family Kuna, ID
Jessie Mae Monroe E.S. Ash, NC
Jessop Family Roslyn, PA
Jewell Family White Bear Lake, MN
John E. Howard E.S. Capitol Heights, MD
John Eaton E.S Washington, DC
John Jacobs E.S. Phoenix, AZ
John Lyman School Middlefield, CT
John Muir E.S. Glendale, CA
John W. Garvy E.S. Chicago, IL
Johnnycake Corners Galena, OH
Johnson Family Woodbury, MN
Johnson Family White Plains MD
Johnston Family  
Jones Family Boise, ID
Jones Family Philadelphia, PA
Jones Family Shawnee, KS
Judd Family Coolidge, AZ
Julia Randall E.S. Payson, AZ
Junior Girl Scout Troop #1832 Dumfries, VA
Junior Girl Scout Troop #2767 Woodbridge, VA
Junior Girl Scout Troop #299 Alexandria, VA
Katonah E.S. Katonah, NY
Kelly Liberal Arts Academy E.S. Wichita, KS
Kendall Speech and Language Center Miami, FL
Kenilworth E.S. Bowie, MD
Kennedy E.S. Winder, GA
Kennedy Family Adams, MA
Kennedy School Warren, MI
Kenowa Hill Public Schools Walker, MI
Kertay Family  
Keva Academy Orlando, FL
Key Family  
Kim Family Dacula, GA
King Family  
King of Glory Lutheran School St. Louis, MO
Kowal Family  
Kramer Family  
Krontz Family Bryan, OH
Kupershtok Family Israel
Kyle Family  
L.D. Batchelder School North Reading, MA
Lab School of Washington Washington, DC
Lady of Pompeii Cooke Center New York, NY
LaGrange-Moscow E.S. Moscow, TN
Lake Forest East E.S. Frederica, DE
Lake Norman Christian School  
Lakewood E.S. Rockville, MD
Lambertville Public School Lambertville, NJ
Lane Family Weslaco, TX
Lange Family Kailua, HI
Larson E.S. Wasilla, AK
Lassy Family Alabama
Latin School of Chicago Chicago, IL
Latta Family Delaware, OH
Laurelwood Education Center Albuquerque, NM
Lawnton E.S. Harrisburg, PA
Laytonsville E.S. Laytonsville, MD
Lee Academy for the Gifted Tampa, FL
Leggee E.S. Huntley, IL
Lester B. Sommer E.S. Crawfordsville, IN
Levin Family Ashburn, VA
Lewis & Clark E.S. Council Bluffs, IA
Lewis Family Phoenix, AZ
Lewis Family  
Lexington Creek E.S. Sugar Land, TX
Lexington Montessori School Lexington, MA
Light of the World Academy Pinckney, MI
Limbaugh Family Pasco, WA
Lincoln E.S. Clay Center, KS
Lincoln E.S. Huntington, IN
Lincoln E.S. Leland, NC
Lincoln E.S. Stockton, CA
Lincoln Park E.S. West Lawn, PA
Lincoln School Rockaway, NJ
Linden School District, School #1 Linden, NJ
Line Creek E.S. Kansas City, MO
Line Creek E.S. Kansas City, MO
Linglestown E.S. Harrisburg, PA
Little People's College School Age Program New Bedford & Dartmouth, MA
Livingston School New Brunswick, NJ
Lois P. Rockwell E.S. Damascus, MD
Logan E.S. Ann Arbor, MI
Lone Tree Comm School Lone Tree, IA
Los Altos Brethren School Long Beach, CA
Louis L'Amour E.S. Jamestown, ND
Louisa May Alcott School Chicago, IL
Louise Durham E.S. Mena, AR
Louisville Classical Academy Louisville, KY
Loveall Family Aurora, CO
Lovell E.S. Lovell, WY
Loves Park E.S. Loves Park, IL
Lower Gwynedd E.S. Ambler, PA
Lowers School Atlanta, GA
Luedde Family  
Luke 640 Academy Sanford, NC
Lusieno E.S. Corona, CA
MacGowan Elementary Redford, MI
Madison E.S. Columbus, OH
Madison E.S. Davenport, IA
Madison Park School Phoenix, AZ
Madrid Waddington Central School Madrid, NY
Major George S. Welch E.S. Dover, DE
Major George Welch E.S. Dover, DE
Malaney Family Pomano Beach, FL
Manchester Academic Charter School Pittsburgh, PA
Manzanita E.S. Redding, CA
Manzanita E.S. Redding, CA
Mapes Family Genoa, OH
Maple E.S. Cambridge, MD
Marcolin Family  
Mariano Castro E.S. Mountain View, CA
Marion Jordan E.S. Palatine, IL
Mark Twain E.S. Heidelberg, Germany
Martin Luther King ES Ann Arbor, MI
Mary Harris "Mother" Jones E.S. Adelphi, MD
Mary McLeod Bethune E.S. Atlanta, GA
Mary's Little Lambs Daycare Germantown, MD
Maryvale E.S. Rockville, MD
Mathew Family Alexandria, VA
Mathis Family  
May Chesak E.S. Huntley, IL
Maya's College of Knowledge Salt Lake City, UT
McApine E.S. Charlotte, NC
McConnaughhay Family  
McDowell E.S. Floyd County, KY
McGrath Family Duvall, WA
McKinley Primary South Bend, IN
McKinney-O'Lear Family  
McLaren Family Kailua, HI
McLean School of Maryland Potomac, MD
McLean Science & Technology Magnet E.S. Wichita, KS
McNair E.S. Winnebago, IL
Mechanicstown E.S. Middletown, NY
Melrose School Brewster, NY
Memorial E.S. Emerson, NJ
Memorial E.S. McMinnville, OR
Mercer E.S. Cincinnati, OH
Mercy Montessori Center Cincinnati, OH
Meridian E.S. Kent, WA
Meridian E.S. Kent, WA
Merritt School Cresskill, NJ
Mesa Verde E.S. Tucson, AZ
Metairie Park Country Day School Metairie, LA
Metro Charter Academy Romulus, MI
Miami E.S. Clinton Township, MI
Midvale E.S. Tucker, GA
Midwest Central Primary School Manito, IL
Milestones Achievement Center Indiana, PA
Milford Public School Milford, NJ
Mill Street ES Norridgewock, ME
Miller E.S. Westmont, IL
Miller Valley E.S. Prescott, AZ
Milton-Union E.S. West Milton, OH
Milwaukee Jewish Day School Milwaukee, WI
Mitchell E.S. Kittery, ME
Mitchell Family Weiser, ID
Miwok Valley E.S. Petaluma, CA
Molloy Education Center Morton Grove, IL
Monclova Primary Monclova, OH
Moncolova E.S. Monclova, OH
Monica B. Leary E.S. Rush, NY
Monroe E.S. Plumwood, OH
Monroe E.S. Saint Charles, MO
Monroe Family  
Montessori School of Raleigh Raleigh, NC
Moody E.S. Littleton, CO
Moore Family  
Moranos Family Camden, SC
Moreland E.S. West St. Paul, MN
Moreland Hills E.S. Pepper Pike, OH
Morningside E.S. Atlanta, GA
Morton Family  
Most Family Northglenn, CO
Mount Vernon E.S. McKeesport, PA
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Atlanta, GA
Mountain School Soquel, Ca
Mountain View E.S. Fresno, CA
Mountain View E.S. Port Townsend, WA
Mountain View E.S. Rio Rico, AZ
Mountain View E.S. Mountain View, AR
Mousetower Primary Westminster, MD
Mt. Desert E.S. Northeast Harbor, ME
Muehlbauer Family  
Muhammad Family Hemet, CA
Munhall E.S. St. Charles, IL
Munhall School St. Charles, IL
Murphy Family Philadelphia, PA
Nan Clayton E.S. Austin, TX
Nancy Ryles E.S. Beaverton, OR
Nantucket E.S. Crofton, MD
Nassau BOCES Program for Hearing and Vision Impaired East Meadow, NY
Nathaniel Hawthorne Acad San Antonio, TX
Nationwide Children's Hospital Tiltonsville, OH
Nazeerah Rashad Los Angeles, CA
Nelson Family Medford, OR
Nelson Family Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Nelson School Rockford, IL
Nesseth Family Topeka, KS
Neureuther Family Plattsburgh, NY
Neuse River School Havelock, NC
New Brighton Area E.S. New Brighton, PA
New Glarus E.S. New Glarus, WI
New Glarus Grade School New Glarus, WI
New Hampton E.S. New Hampton, IA
New Hope Solebury Lower E.S. New Hope, PA
New Song Christian Academy Louisville, KY
Newgen Family Eagle, ID
Nezperce E.S. Nezperce, ID
Nia Community Public Charter School Washington, DC
Noonan Elementary Academy Fort Myers, FL
Nora Sterry E.S. Los Angeles, CA
North Glen E.S. Glen Burnie, MD
North Shore Education Consortium West Peabody, MA
Northern RI Collaborative Cumberland, RI
Northwestern State University Elementary Laboratory School Natchitoches, LA
Norwood E.S. West Jefferson, OH
Nova Academy Dallas, TX
Novak Family Turtle Lake, WI
Oak Terrace School Highwood, IL
Oak View E.S. Fairfax, VA
Oakland Elementary Richmond, TX
Oaks Montessori School Hammond, LA
Oakville E.S. Oakville, WA
Ocean Grove Charter School  
Ocean Palms E.S. Ponte Vedra, FL
O'Hearn-Buehler Family Yardley, PA
Oklahoma Union E.S. South Coffeyville, OK
Oliver Wendell Holmes E.S. Long Beach, CA
Open Magnet Charter School Los Angeles, CA
Openshaw Family  
OT4Kidz Mathews, VA
Overland Trail ES Leawood, KS
Oviatti E.S. Norwalk, IA
Oxon Hill OT Dept Oxon Hill, MD
P.S. 121Q South Ozone Park, NY
P.S. 140 Queens, NY
P.S. 17X @ 179X Bronx, NY
P.S. 191 The Mayflower School Queens, NY
P.S. 208 New York, NY
P.S. 209 Whitestone, NY
P.S. 224 Bellerose, NY
P.S. 249 The Caton School New York, NY
P.S. 255 @ 151Q Woodside, NY
P.S. 290/The Manhattan New School New York, NY
P.S. 3 New York, NY
P.S. 32/Samuel Mills Sprole School Brooklyn, NY
P.S. 397 - Foster Laurie E.S. Brooklyn, NY
P.S. 46 Bayside, NY
P.S. 46 The Alley Pond School Oakland Gardens, NY
P.S. 49 Queens, NY
P.S. 5 The Ellen Lurie School New York, NY
P.S. 81 Bronx, NY
P.S. 81 Riverdale, NY
P.S. 90 New York, NY
P.S. 94Q David D. Porter E.S. Little Neck, NY
P.S./I.S. #87Q Queens, NY
Padgett Family  
Paideia Academy Apple Valley, MN
Paint Valley E.S. Bainbridge, OH
Palatine Brownie Troop #1273 Palatine, IL
Palisades Christian School Pacific Palisades, CA
Palm City E.S. Palm City, FL
Palmdale Head Start Centers Palmdale, CA
Palmetto E.S. Pinecrest, FL
Panorama School Santa Ana, CA
Park Avenue E.S. Stuttgart, AR
Park Avenue E.S. Auburn, ME
Park City E.S. Park City, KY
Parma Community Schools, E.S. and M.S. Parma, OH
Parowan E.S. Parowan, UT
Parris South E.S. Savannah, TN
Pasodale E.S. El Paso, TX
Passow School Franklin Park, IL
Passport Academy & Friends Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Pataway Homeschool Hopkins, SC
Patel Family Potomac, MD
Patrick Henry E.S. Heidelberg, Germany
Patrick M. Vilano School Emerson, NJ
Patrick McGaheran School Clinton Township, NJ
Patwin E.S. Davis, CA
PAVCS Friedens, PA
PAVCS Minersville, PA
Payne Family Gainesville, VA
Pearce E.S. Greensboro, NC
Pediatric Therapy Network Torrance, CA
Pella ELC Pella, IA
Pen Ryd School Fairless Hills, PA
Peninsula Heritage School Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Penk-Masucci Family Homeschool Troy, NY
Penn Cambria Primary  
Pennington School Manassas, VA
Penny Creek E.S. Everett, WA
Penny Creek E.S. Everett, WA
Pewett Family Clifton, VA
Pfeiffer Family  
Pho Family  
Pilotte Family Reading, MA
Pine Point School Stonington, CT
Platte River Academy Highlands Ranch, CO
Pleasant Valley E.S. Mullica Hill, NJ
Pleasant View Elementary Providence, RI
Poncet Family 14600 Honfleur, France
Poolesville Elementary Poolesville, MD
Poplar Grove School Franklin, TN
Poplar Tree E.S. Chantilly, VA
Porter Family Peoria, IL
Post Road School White Plains, NY
Pound Family Sparta, TN
Prairie E.S. Buffalo Grove, IL
Prairie E.S. Buffalo Grove, IL
Prairiewood ES Woodstock, IL
Pre-K 128 Jamaica NY
Prestonburg E.S. Prestonburg, KY
Priestley E.S. Northumberland, PA
Pronghorm E.S. Gillette, WY
PS #14/The Ollie E Culbreth, Jr School Jersey City, NJ
PS 81X Robert J Christen School Riverdale, NY
Puri Family  
Quail Creek E.S. Oklahoma, OK
Quail Run E.S. Lawrence, KS
Quail Run E.S. San Ramon, CA
Queensbury Union Free School District Queensbury, NY
Rabbi Jacob Pressman Academy Los Angeles, CA
Rademacher Family Big Lake, MN
Rainbow Child Development Center Lansing, MI
Ramseur Elementary Ramseur, NC
Ranch Heights E.S. Bartlesville, OK
Rann Elementary Decatur, TX
Ravandur Family Fairfax, VA
Red Lion School District York, PA
Reed Family Sherwood, AR
Reed Family  
Reed Family Simi Valley, CA
Rees Family  
Repbot Homeschool Woodbury, MN
Richard Kane E.S. Bartlesville, OK
Richer School Marlborough, MA
Riley Avenue E.S. Calverton, NY
Ringwood Primary Center Ringwood, IL
River Vale Schools River Vale, NJ
Riverdale E.S. Germantown, TN
Riverfield Country Day School Tulsa, OK
Robert E. Lee E.S. Tullahoma, TN
Robert E. Lee E.S. Port Arthur, TX
Rochester Memorial School Rochester, MA
Rock Bridge E.S. Columbia, MO
Rock Cut E.S. Loves Park, IL
Rock Ridge E.S. Castle Rock, CO
Rocky Mountain School Boulder, CO
Roger Sherman School Fairfield, CT
Rogers E.S. Bloomington, IN
Rosemary Kenney School Wantagh, NY
Rothstein Family Fairfax, VA
Roux OT Students Beltsville, MD
Rowan Family Camden, NC
Rummel Creek E.S. Houston, TX
Saettele Family Hot Springs, AR
Safford Adventist Christian School Thatcher, AZ
Saint Anne's Episcopal School Middletown, DE
Saint Marguerite D'Youville Academy Ogdensburg, NY
Saint Mary and All Angels School Aliso Viejo, CA
Saint Matthew School Champaign, IL
Saints John and Paul E.S. Larchmont, NY
Salafsky Family Bethesda, MD
Salsburg School for Excellent Students Orlando, FL
Salt Brook School New Providence, NJ
Salt Brook School New Providence, NJ
San Diego City Schools San Diego, CA
Sandercox Family  
Sanders Family Germantown, MD
Sandersville E.S. Lexington, KY
Sattler-Flynn Family Ann Arbor, MI
Schache Family Illinois
Schaeffer Family Reinholds, PA
Schaffer Family Harvest, AL
Schenk E.S. Madison, WI
Schmidt Family  
School #2 Linden, NJ
School #5 Linden, NJ
School #8 Linden, NJ
Schwegler E.S. Lawrence, KS
Searles E.S. Union City, CA
Searles Elementary Union City, Ca
Second Street School Frankfort, KY
Sedalia E.S. Columbus, OH
Sensational Kids Pediatric Therapy Clinic Jonesboro, AR
Servie Unit 54-1 Brownie Troop  
Seton Catholic School Ottumwa, IA
Sharon E.S. Robbinsville, NJ
Sheehan Family Ephrata, PA
Sherman School Fairfield, CT
Silver First E.S. Everett, WA
Silver Street E.S. New Albany, IN
Simpkins Family Hammonton, NJ
Sinclair Family Culpeper, VA
Sisson Family  
Siu Family Hong Kong
Sligo Creek E.S. Silver Spring, MD
Smilie Memorial School Bolton, VT
Smithfield E.S. Charlotte, NC
Smithridge E.S. Reno, NV
Smythe Academy Sacramento, CA
Snowden School Farmersville, CA
Solomon Schechter School of Queens Queens, NY
Solvay Middle School  
Solvoy Middle School Solvoy, NY
Son Shine Academy Louisville, KY
South County Secondary School Lorton, VA
South Lawrence East Elem Lawrence, MA
South Park E.S.  Pittsburgh, PA
South Shore E.S. Albany, OR
Southwood Valley E.S. College Station, TX
Spady Family Bayfield, CO
Spangler-Thomas Family Los Angeles, CA
Spicewood E.S. Austin, TX
Spofford Pond/Sorenson E.S. Boxford, MA
Sposato Family Jacksonville, FL
Spriggs Family Honolulu, HI
Spring Hill E.S. McLean, VA
Springcreek Primary Piqua, OH
St Paul Lutheran School Grafton, WI
St. Catherine Laboure Harrisburg, PA
St. Francis E.S. St. Francis, MN
St. John Catholic School Lawrence, KS
St. John the Baptist New Brighton, MN
St. John the Baptist Catholic School Milwaukie, OR
St. Joseph School Kingston, NY
St. Margaret of Cortona School Bronx, NY
St. Mark Lutheran School Kentwood, MI
St. Martin de Porres Poughkeepsie, NY
St. Michael's Episcopal Day School Carmichael, CA
St. Monica School Indianapolis, IN
St. Peter of Alcantara Port Washington, NY
St. Rose School Perrysburg, OH
St. Stephen School Saginaw, MI
St. Teresa Regional School Runnemede, NJ
St. Timothy Academy Plano, TX
St. Valentine School Redford, MI
Star of the Sea Catholic School Virginia Beach, VA
Staskawicz-Rutkowski Family Volcano, HI
Stavish Family Columbus, OH
Stepping Stones Academy Phoenix, AZ
Steward School Topsfield, MA
Stiewing-Wells Family  
Stiles E.S. Rockford, IL
Stillwater Central Schools Stillwater, NY
Stillwater E.S. Stillwater, NY
Stockyard Community School Cleveland, OH
Stonewall Middle School Manassas, VA
Stranahan E.S Toledo, OH
Stuart Dover, PA
Summers-Knoll E.S. Ann Arbor, MI
Summit Academy Louisville, KY
Sun Prairie Area School District Sun Prairie, WI
Sun Valley E.S. San Rafael, CA
Sunnyside E.S. Smyrna, DE
Sunrise E.S. Palm Bay, FL
Sunset E.S. Issaquah, WA
Sunset Hill Lawrence, KS
Sunset Ridge School Northfield, IL
Sutherland Middle School Charlottesville, VA
Swafford Family  
Swan School Port Townsend, WA
Swisher Family Tampa, FL
Sylvan Learning Center Lincoln, NE
Sylvan Learning Center - Laguna Niguel Laguna Niguel, CA
Sylvan Learning of Evergreen Park Evergreen Park, IL
Sylvan Learning of Sherman Oaks Sherman Oaks, CA
Tanaina E.S. Wasilla, AK
Taylor E.S. Arlington, VA
Taylor Family Hixson, TN
Taylor Family Moncks Corner, SC
Taylor Family North Carolina
TCES - Truth or Consequences Elementary School Truth or Consequences, NM
Tekamah Herman Schools Tekamah, NE
Temple Beth Am Los Angeles, CA
Terra Centre E.S. Burke, VA
Tewksbury E.S. Califon, NJ
The 504 School Atlanta, GA
The Ambassador Baptist Church Christian School  
The Baldwin School Bryn Mawr, PA
The Bush School Seattle, WA
The Connection Riverview, FL
The Education Academy Lanoka Harbor, NJ
The Gingerbread House Preschool Syracuse, NY
The John Cooper School The Woodlands, TX
The Langley School McLean, VA
The Learning Center for the Deaf Framingham, MA
The Learning Pointe Kentucky
The River School Washington, DC
The Teddy Bear Club Newton, MA
The Wolf School East Providence, RI
Theodore Robinson Intermediate School Evansville, WI
Thinking Child Academy Miami, FL
Three Rivers Montessori School New Haven, IN
Timber Lane E.S. Falls Church, VA
Tisdale Family Pekin, IL
Torah Day School of ATL Atlanta, GA
Torah School of Greater Washington Silver Spring, MD
Townsend Family Sylmar, CA
Traders Point Christian Academy Whitestown, IN
Trailside E.S. Anchorage, AK
Treasure Coast Christian Academy Port St. Lucie, FL
Trechter Family Springfield, VA
Trent Park E.S. New Bern, NC
Tri-Community E.S. Bressler-Steelton, PA
Triestman Family Aliso Viejo, CA
Trinity Academy Pflugerville, TX
Troutman Family Dayton, OH
Turner Family Aledo, TX
Tyagi Family  
Tyler E.S. Hampton, VA
Union E.S. Shallotte, NC
Unioto E.S. Chillicothe, OH
Ursuline Academy New Orleans, LA
Ute Meadows E.S. Littleton, CO
Val Jackson E.S. Wichita, KS
Valentino Family Hobart, IN
Valley Montessori School Livermore, CA
Van Der Wende Family Oak Ridge, NJ
Verdi E.S. Verdi, NV
Vickery Creek E.S. Cumming, GA
Victory E.S. Bristow, VA
Villa Heights Academic Center Charlotte, NC
Villa Rica E.S. Villa Rica, GA
W. T. Lewis E.S. Bossier City, LA
Wagonwheel E.S. Gillette, WY
Waldo T. Skillin School South Portland, ME
Waldport High School Waldport, OR
Walker Station E.S. Grand Rapids, MI
Walter Moses Burton E.S. Fresno, TX
Wampatuck E.S. Scituate, MA
Waples Mill E.S. Oakton, VA
Warne-Jacobsen Family  
Warwick E.S. Warminster, PA
Washington E.S. Boise, ID
Washington E.S. Port Arthur, TX
Washington Grove E.S. Gaithersburg, MD
Washington-Grady Family  
Watts Family  
Wayside E.S. Bartlesville, OK
Wealthy E.S. Grand Rapids, MI
Webelos Pack 17 Roy, UT
Wedgwood E.S. Florissant, MO
Wegienka E.S. Brownstown, MI
Weiland Family Silver Spring, MD
Welch Family Emmet, ID
Wellspring Academy Lockhart, TX
Wentworth Intermediate School Scarborough, ME
Wernecke Cedarburg, WI
Wesley Class Richton Park, IL
West Amwell Township School Lambertville, NJ
West Bridge Day Treatment Center Cleveland, OH
West Family Suffolk, VA
West Shore PEP School Lakewood, OH
West University E.S. Houston, TX
Westside School of the Arts Cleveland, OH
Wheaton Woods E.S. Rockville, MD
Whispering Pines Preschool Amsterdam, NY
White E.S. Wichita, KS
White Family  
Whitehall City Schools Whitehall, OH
Whiteley Family Easton, MD
Whitemarsh E.S. Lafayette Hill, PA
Whitney E.S. Whitney, TX
Whittier School Oak Park, IL
Wiedenhoft Family Everett, WA
Wilder Intermediate School Piqua, OH
Willett Early Childhood Center Norwood, MA
William Seach E.S. East Weymouth, MA
William Seach Primary School Weymouth, MA
William Tyson E.S. Anchorage, AK
Williamson Family  
Willow Creek E.S. Nampa, ID
Willowind School Iowa City, IA
Wilmington Preparatory Academy Wilmington, NC
Wilson Family Kearneysville, WV
Winczewski-Lewis Family New York, NY
Winter Hill Community Sch Somerville, MA
Wisconsin School for the Deaf  Delavan, WI
Wolf Family  
Wood Family Excel, AL
Woodbury School Marshalltown, IA
Woodcrest School Rifton, NY
Woodland E.S. Portage, MI
Woodland Park Academy Grand Blanc, MI
Woodrow Wilson Technology Theme School Port Arthur, TX
Woods Academy Bethesda, MD
Worline Family Duvall, WA
Wyngate E.S. Bethesda, MD
Yeshiva Mikdash Melech Brooklyn, NY
Yeshiva of Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY
Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion Piscataway, NJ
York Township E.S. York, PA
Zaccardelli McLean, VA
Zeikus Family