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Get Set for School

About Get Set for School

Get Set for School was developed in response to requests from Pre-K teachers who were looking for hands-on teaching materials and strategies that would make learning fun and easy for their students. The program is a celebration of children and the educators who help them gain the skills and experiences they need to begin a lifetime of joyful learning. 

Get Set for School started over 10 years ago. What were the ingredients for successful learning that occupational therapists Jan Olsen and Emily Knapton brought to teaching young children? Breaking difficult concepts into simple tasks.  Believing that every child can succeed.  Using really cool materials that make children want to learn.

In 2011, we are excited to introduce the expanded Get Set for School program that teaches core readiness and writing as well as critical early language and literacy, number and match skills. The Get Set for School team has grown and includes teachers, researchers, professors, parents, and therapists. Our program takes important and complex subjects – emergent literacy, algebra, even geometry (yikes!) – and makes them accessible and engaging to preschoolers’ minds, hands, and hearts.

At Get Set for School, our mission is to make learning and teaching easy and fun by providing superior educational products, training, and promotional materials to Pre-K educators and parents.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of children used the Get Set for School curriculum to sing, dance, color, and build their way toward a lifetime of joyful learning.