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Get Set for School

For Administrators

It has often been said that young children are “sponges.” No matter how we describe them, Pre-K children are excited about learning and gaining knowledge. They learn naturally and eagerly, absorbing knowledge from their environments. A Pre-K educator’s challenge is to provide learning opportunities that nurture children’s natural enthusiasm for learning while building a solid foundation for academic success as they enter kindergarten.

Get Set for School® is an award-winning Pre-K curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten. Our readiness & writing, language & literacy, and numbers & math programs utilize the most relevant research about how young children learn:

Pre-K children learn differently than older children. For example, seatwork and formal lessons don’t suit them.

  • Get Set for School uses developmentally appropriate, engaging play and hands-on, and multisensory activities that are best for young minds and bodies.

Young children have widely varying skill levels when they enter Pre-K, and many Pre-K classrooms or centers have blended age groupings as well.

  • Get Set for School lessons are designed to meet a wide range of developmental needs, including English Language Learners. Our teacher's guides integrate informal "Learn and Check" assessments that your teachers can use to tailor the pace at which students progress from skill to skill.

Pre-K age children don't develop skills in isolation.

  • Our hands-on materials and teacher tools develop social-emotional, language, cognitive, and physical skills concurrently. Providing children with multisensory learning opportunities helps them connect and engage more fully.

Pre-K standards today are changing, as expectations for kindergarten increase.

  • Get Set for School provides your teachers with lessons, activities, and hands-on materials that help them teach such complex subjects as phonological awareness, geometry, even algebra - in a playful learning environment that will build a lifelong love of learning. We also provide numerous professional development opportunities for your teachers, including a library of how-to videos, online seminars and workshops, to help them keep pace with their active students!

View Get Set for School sample lessons, check out our professional development offerings, and read what other educators have to say about our program.