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Get Set for School

For Teachers

Get Set for School™ supports teachers every step of the way by making lessons easy to prepare and to teach. Our resources include training workshops, online seminars, how-to videos, online games, and plenty of free downloads to help you prepare effective lessons and engage your young learners.

Developmental Approach

Get Set for School is developmentally appropriate so that children develop foundation physical and social-behavioral skills as well as language and number skills. As a result, children learn in stages as they are ready, so they approach each new skill with confidence.

Hands-On Materials

We have developed enticing hands-on tools that make children want to participate and learn. Our continually expanding selection of manipulatives gets children moving, building, counting, singing, and drawing. The multisensory materials engage children of different learning styles (visual, kinesthetic, auditory, tactile) so they can access information in a way that is appropriate for them.


Music makes learning fun and memorable and is integral to how children learn. Our Get Set for School Sing Along CD and Sing, Sound, and Count with Me, recorded by Grammy-winning artists for Best Children’s Music Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, promote movement, singing, community, and joyful engagement in lessons.

Activity Books

Our activity books encourage participation and hands-on learning. Child-friendly language, simple step-by-step directions, and charming illustrations get children’s attention and promote fine motor skills, early language and math skills, and important readiness concepts. As a result, children remember and learn more as they build a foundation for future concepts. Activity books also give parents a record of their children's work, which serves as a motivational chart of their progress.

Teacher's Guides

Lesson plans provide clear guidelines and multiple strategies for teaching a lesson or activity. Clean organization makes it easy to correlate lessons with activities. Lessons are easy to prepare and teach, requiring minimal preparation time.