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Get Set for School

For Therapists

If you are a therapist or have used Get Set for School™, you can help educate others about the curriculum and tutor students.

Educate Others


Introduce Get Set for School to a few students in need of extra help, present an in-service, or share the positive results you have experienced with the curriculum.


Parents are your best source of support because they will talk about the results their children are having using Get Set for School. Encourage teachers to use the Get Set for School program as a measure of a child’s progress at parent-teacher conferences. Plan a short in-service for parents interested in ways to help their children practice readiness skills at home.

Develop Home Programs for Children

Often, teachers will ask for either an OT evaluation or for suggestions on how to deal with problems such as motor control, coordination, grip, visual perception, and so forth. Meet with the parents and let them know that their child has been recommended for additional help and share suggestions for helping the child.


If you have a passion for helping children learn, consider becoming a tutor. Most teachers and school systems lack the time or resources to provide one-on-one services for children who are falling behind.