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Get Set for School

For Educators

Mat Man World is a learning destination that encourages children to explore with Mat Man.

In Mat Man World, educators and parents can share ideas and access an entire library of activities and downloads that will enhance learning.

Feel free to explore and visit often for new games and activities.

  • Meet Mat Man introduces the popular Mat Man character.
  • Community is your forum for sharing Mat Man ideas and photos.
  • Library includes all Mat Man downloads and resources.
  • Books features the Mat Man book series.
  • Store is your one-stop shop for Mat Man products.
  • Online Game build Mat Man online.

Play Build Mat Man

You will need to turn on your computer speakers to play the game.


  1. Sing the Mat Man Song
    This upbeat song from the Get Set for School Sing Along CD, recorded by Grammy-winning artists, teaches counting, and language skills.
  2. Build Mat Man
    Children learn body parts, cooperation, organization, and sequencing as they build Mat Man together.
  3. Draw Mat Man
    You’ll be amazed with your students’ ability to draw a person after building Mat Man for the first time!
  4. Read Mat Man Books
    These books take young children on learning adventures and introduce readiness and language arts skills.
  5. Learn and have fun with online games for kids
    Our online games feature interactive and playful learning. Kids will enjoy learning and growing with the beloved Mat Man character.


Mat Man Book Set

Bring all four of Mat Man's adventures to your classroom or resource library in this boxed set. The set comes with a free Build Mat Man poster to help you teach children how to bring Mat Man to life themselves!

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