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Get Set for School


We wanted music — really good music

We chose the best: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, winners of back-to-back Grammy awards for best Children's Musical Album! When Cathy and Marcy bring their musical talent to our program, the curriculum sings, taps, dances, rocks, and raps!

Get Set for School offers a variety of CDs that reinforce social, cognitive, language, number, and memory skills.

Don't forget our Handwriting Without Tears K-5 music!

Below are 15-second previews of all our songs.

Get Set for School Sing Along 

  • Fun songs and fingerplays promote school readiness.
  • Music develops body awareness and listening skills.
  • Body parts and animal legs help teach counting skills.

Preview Songs

  •   Where Do You Start Your Letters?
  •   Alphabet Song
  •   Alphabet Song (Instrumental)
  •   There's a Dog In The School
  •   Crayon Song
  •   Magic C
  •   Hello Song
  •   Mat Man
  •   Count on Me
  •   Five Fingers Play
  •   Toe Song
  •   Bird Legs
  •   Animal Legs
  •   The Ant, the Bug & the Bee
  •   Spiders Love to Party
  •   Ten Little Fingers
  •   My Teacher Draws
  •   Puffy Fluffy
  •   Tap, Tap, Tap
  •   Golden Slippers (Instrumental)
  •   Skip To My Lou
  •   Down on Grandpa's Farm
  •   Peanut Butter and Jelly
  •   Rain Song
  •   Wood Piece Pokey


Sing, Sound & Count with Me

  • Spirited music helps children learn language and number skills as they sway, bop, and hop to the rhythm.
  • Use the Sing, Sound & Count With Me to reinforce new skills and concepts that you are teaching.

Preview Songs

  •   It's Pre-K!
  •   The Ants Go Marching
  •   I'm Happy to See You
  •   I'm Happy to See You (Spanish)
  •   Shape Song
  •   Counting, Counting
  •   Apples and Bananas
  •   Smile!
  •   Counting Candles
  •   Hurry Burry
  •   Sing Your Name
  •   Pattern Dance
  •   I Am a Fine Musician
  •   Counting at the Table
  •   Dolphins Swim
  •   Syllable Sound Off
  •   Inside, Outside
  •   Tickledee-dee
  •   Leaves and Branches, Trunk and Roots
  •   Big Numbers
  •   Animals in the House
  •   That Would Be Me!
  •   Letters Together Make Words
  •   Rhyming Riddles
  •   It's Line Up Time
  •   Starting Sound Shuffle
  •   Dumplin' Song
  •   Rowboat, Rowboat
  •   Ballet Dancing Truck Driver