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Get Set for School

Check Pre-K readiness with our free assessments.

Get Set for School® Pre-K readiness assessments are free, easy to administer screeners that help you identify what your children know and can do, and easily share information with families and other educators.

The assessments allow you to check their progress as they build important foundation skills in:

Each assessment takes just 10-15 minutes. Assessing young children should be observational and holistic, impacting your hands-on instructional time as little as possible. We recommend screening your children 3 times a year: at the beginning, middle and end of their Pre-K year.

Pre-K teachers, therapists and parents can use the Get Set for School Pre-K Assessments. The assessments are universal, and developmentally appropriate for children ages 4-5.

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Learn about the benefits of the assessments, when to assess Pre-K children, and more…

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