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Get Set for School

Plan Your Own Workshop

You can sponsor a training workshop for your school or organization. Workshops are easy to organize and cost-effective. An experienced workshop coordinator will guide you through the planning process. Get Set for School will send a Certified National Workshop Presenter to lead your fun, dynamic, and interactive workshop session—and to address your group's specific needs.

Benefits of Sponsoring Your Own Training

  • Flexible scheduling to match your attendees' needs
  • Full and half-day workshops
  • Weekdays or weekends available
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Train all staff at once
  • Discounts available based on purchases
  • Group enthusiasm and excitement for the teaching strategies being implemented
  • Customized to integrate with your organization's curricula and goals
  • Certificates of attendance and contact hours for attendees

Contact us for more information about planning a workshop or call 301-263-2700.