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National Handwriting Day: Activity List

National Handwriting Day


Learn more
about National Handwriting Day 2009 and Mail to the Chief.


Here are some ideas you can try in your classroom to celebrate National Handwriting Day by highlighting International Creativity Month.

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Drawing as Writing

  • Read a book about your favorite artist to your students, and show them examples of his or her works.  
  • Download grade-appropriate paper.
  • Ask students to create their own masterpiece in the space provided at the top of the paper. Create your own art gallery by hanging their masterpieces around the class.
  • Ask students to draw self-portraits, and bind them all together into a class yearbook.
  • Pre-K students can sign their names. Create a classroom Declaration and have all your kids sign it (like Declaration of Independence)
  • Kindergarteners and 1st graders can sign their names and write a brief description (one to three sentences).

Grades 1 and up

Writing Activities

  • Tell us on Facebook about your favorite handwritten artifact.
  • Discuss different fiction and non-fiction writers, and different types of writing such as poetry, short stories, or plays. Have students research their favorite writer.
  • Download grade-appropriate double line paper and suggest the following activities:
  1. Ask students to write a letter to their favorite character, about what they have learned, or what they enjoyed about the book.
  2. Learn about John Hancock/American Revolution then have your kids write him a letter.
  3. Ask students to write their own story featuring a favorite character, such as what they think happens to the character after story's end, or how a story would have been different if the character lived in another country, or another time.
  4. Have students write their own essay, poem, or short story. Ask them to read their works to the class, and say why they chose this creative medium.
  5. Ask students to write a review of their favorite book or play.


Art Gallery Activities

  • Have students research an artist of their choice or choose from your list of favorites.
  • Ask them to draw something inspired by an artist or specific artwork. Then have them write a summary to hang beside their masterpiece in an art gallery, explaining what their piece is about and what inspired them.
  • Invite students to write letters to their favorite artist saying what they found inspirational in his or her works. Collect the letters into a book, and save them in a time capsule, to compare with future students' letters.

We hope these activity suggestions spark your students' creativity. We look forward to hearing about what your students are doing to celebrate the art of writing in their lives!