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National Handwriting Day 2012

Looking for information about National Handwiritng Day 2013? Learn about Mail to the Chief!

National Handwriting Day was January 23rd, 2012.

To celebrate National Handwriting Day 2012, we asked you to share your stories about handwriting activites and experiences in your classroom or home. We would like to extend our thanks to  everyone who celebrated National Handwriting Day with us this year!  We were thrilled to have such enthusiastic response from all over the country. See some of the stories they shared.

We also gave away some free licenses to our Digital Teaching Tools.

Use our special paper (samples are provided on the left) to help your students practice good handwriting habits.

P.S. Be sure to visit The Learning Lounge for more activities to keep your children writing all year!

Why handwriting?

Quite simply, good handwriting leads to good outcomes in the classroom. It promotes an organized approach to communication, maximizes thinking time, and boosts creativity. In fact, studies show that students who write legibly and fluently do better on tests and in all subject areas including literacy and math.


Comments (6)

Handwriting Without Tears works. I have been teaching Special Education over 25+ years. This approach to writing works.
I'm a parent who uses this approach to writing and it works. As a head-start parent, I went to a conference in Virginia Beach last year and bought some products to introduce my 4 year old to writing and he loves writing.
Handwriting Without Tears really works. I put into practice the tips and strategies with my son and I get wonderfull results. Also, I pass it on during volunteering at my son's school.
I'm retiring after 30 years in teaching SpEd as well as regular ed., and I'm so impressed with HWT. It's not often that we see something so well thought out and logical. I'm up for part time work if you're looking for someone in the north Dallas metroplex!

Marcia Carrithers
Farmersville Intermediate School - SpEd/ Inclusion
I provide OT services to children within preschool, public school, community, and clinic settings. Handwriting without Tears is my choice for handwriting instruction. I love the Screener of Handwriting Proficiency as well!
I have been using Handwriting Without Tears for 3 years now and it is awesome! The students like it and I love it. It's handwriting made simple for our students. The students catch on rather quickly using this program. Thank you for such a great program.

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