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Handwriting Without Tearms

Grant Information

Providing students with structured handwriting instruction leads to improved writing performance, academic performance, and overall student self esteem.

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We have compiled information to help you identify and secure grants and other funding opportunities for your public or private K-5 classroom. You will find:
  • Detailed information about how Handwriting Without Tears® aligns with major federal funding programs  
  • Up-to-date resources on types and sources of federal, state, and private funding
  • Grant writing tips

Program Alignment

The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, products, and professional development workshops are aligned with several federal funding programs. Download our Handwriting Without Tears Product Alignment Sheet (PDF) for information on how our program can meet these funding requirements. 

Types of Grants

Federal Funding

Learn more about available federal grants.
State-Level Funding

Check out the list of available funding from your state.
Private Funding

Resources for privately funded foundation or corporate grants.

Grant Writing Tips

There are many online resources with information on best practices and helpful hints for grant writing. Below is a sample to get you started: