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Handwriting Without Tearms

Stepping Into Handwriting

The Stepping Into Handwriting curriculum is designed to help the elementary education student understand the basics of how to teach children handwriting. It will prepare them with essential concepts and teaching strategies that will have an impact on children's learning and academic success.

University Students

Our curriculum is the perfect supplement to your degree and/or certification in elementary education. It's designed to give you just the right amount of information and hands-on practice to get started.

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Stepping Into Handwriting is the perfect addition to your foundations or methods course. It's easy to implement, with online assessments and study aids. It's also affordable for your students.

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This course consists of ten lessons that include:

  • Practice with hands-on tools
  • Online video study aids
  • Opportunities for direct interaction with students
  • Brief online assessment

Completing this curriculum will make it comfortable to teach with confidence.

Curriculum Materials Include the student book, letter building kit, and online access.  

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University professors may request a free course overview.

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