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Q: What are the benefits of handwriting camp compared to individual tutoring? Wouldn't a child do better with one-on-one instruction?

A: Actually, both types of tutoring can help children who struggle with perceptual delays, motor control and coordination, grip, letter formation, and other issues that affect handwriting. The child and the situation will determine the most appropriate type of tutoring.

Handwriting tutoring, whether in a group or individual setting, is a powerful way to help children who are struggling in the classroom. Individual remediation is particularly beneficial for those who need targeted instruction, repetition, and follow-up. It supports classroom instruction and ensures that children get the appropriate amount of attention.

Handwriting camp is a cost-effective way to reach more children in a playful learning environment. It's ideal for summer practice because it prepares students for the upcoming school year. Parents often choose camps to give their children extra writing practice, to prepare them for cursive, or to get them  ready for kindergarten.

Handwriting camps also help reinforce the correct starting habits that are crucial for handwriting success. Campers will progress through the sessions and retain these habits rather than regressing, as can happen during a school break. Children benefit from having fun with the handwriting camp while learning at the same time. In fact, some tutors may use a combination of group and individual instruction to make instruction more varied and engaging for their students.

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My 10 year old daughter has dysgraphia? She spells everything phonetically. Would this program help, if not can you suggest any other program for her?
How do parents find handwriting camps in their areas? Is there a list of such camps?
Hi, Shelley--

The best way to find out if there are any camps in your area is to go to the Level 1 Certification website at Our Level 1 individuals are listed on the left hand side of the home page under "Find a Handwriting Specialist." These individuals have taken extensive preparation to become handwriting specialists. You can type in your particular state on this website and see if there is any one offering tutoring sessions or camps. Also, check with your school's OT and they may be able to direct you to particular camps in your area. I hope this helps!
Hi Maureen,

Dysgraphia is a specific learning disability that directly affects handwriting. Dysgraphia often co-exists with other learning disabilities. It is common for children with dysgraphia to also experience difficulty with spelling and written expression. The Handwriting Without Tears program is effective and appropriate for students with dysgraphia. Handwriting and spelling both entail a sequential process. Your daughter may need additional assistance in spelling instruction from a teacher to understand why a word is spelled the way it is. I hope this helps.
My son who has dysgraphia complains that the HWT smaller pencils make his hands hurt even more. Should the teacher continue to insist on a small pencil even though he complains that it makes his hands hurt more than a longer pencil?
Hi Suzanne,
The 4-inch golf pencils are made for the little hands of K-1 students. They promote the correct grip naturally. If your son is grasping a regular sized pencil correctly, he no longer needs a small pencil.
If he does not have a correct grip, demonstrate proper finger positioning. Use the Flip the Pencil trick. You can find this and other special tips to help your child develop a good grip here:
A pencil grip device can be used for older children who understand their purpose.
What exact things are taught at handwriting camp and how do you keep kids engaged for that long a period of time?

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