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Handwriting Without Tearms


Take the ho hum out of handwriting by adding music to your lessons for spark and snap. With the right music, you can emphasize fundamental skills including rhyming, counting, and letter and number formation.

We chose the best: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, winners of back-to-back Grammy® Awards for Best Children's Album! When Cathy and Marcy bring their musical talent to our program, the curriculum sings, taps, dances, rocks, and raps!

Handwriting Without Tears® offers a variety of CDs that reinforce social, cognitive, language, memory, and early math skills.

Don't forget our Pre-K Get Set for School music!

Below are 15-second previews of our songs.

Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn

Coordination and rhythm are used to develop self-esteem and body awareness in this upbeat and rocking CD.

  • Hip music captivates students and inspires active learning.
  • Stomp to the beat to develop pencil grip and posture for writing.
  • Rock, rap, and tap to learn letter and number formations.
  • CD Activities

AEP Distinguished Achievement Award: 2008 Winner

Preview Songs

  •  Alphabet Boogie
  •  Where Do You Start Your Letters?
  •  Air Writing
  •  Hey, Hey! Big Line
  •  Diagonals
  •  Big Line March
  •  Sentence Song
  •  My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean
  •  Picking Up My Pencil
  •  Stomp Your Feet
  •  Vowels
  •  Frog Jump Letters
  •  Give It A Middle
  •  Give It A Top
  •  Sliding Down to the End of the Alphabet
  •  CAPITALS & lowercase
  •  Magic C Rap
  •  Diver Letters’ School
  •  Descending Letters
  •  Number Song
  •  My Teacher Writes
  •  10 Fingers
  •  Mat Man Rock
  •  Head and Shoulders, Baby!
  •  Tapping to the ABC’s

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