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Handwriting Without Tearms

Celebrate National Handwriting Day with Mail to the Chief!

2012 Participants

Thanks to the children across the country (and the world!) who are participating in Mail to the Chief! Listed below are the schools, families and community groups who are helping us to make history.

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Some excerpts from your letters:

"Dear President Obama,
I would like if you could make the world a cleaner place because I see a lot of trash. I hope you will help the homeless people from freezing in the winter.
I feel very happy you got elected President. I hope you have a great time being President." - Melissa
"Dear Mr. President,
I am worried about health care and homeless people. I think you should make health care free and that handy caped people, like people in wheelchairs and others, should have the Government help pay there taxes. And I think we should have more homeless shelters and food drives. Thank you for being the president. Also, for making America safe and free." - McKenna
I also think that Mondays should be national Free Cake Day.
"Dear President Obama,
I hope you have a great term. My advice to you is to believe in yourself, be honest and make our country proud. Congrats! You are great president!" - Sarah
"Dear President Obama,
Congratulations for being elected again!
You should lower taxes and gas prices I think gas cost to much. You should make sure all the kids get education. You should help pick up all the damage from hurricane Sandy." - Hunter
"Dear Barack Obama,
Can you please lower the taxes for evrybudy? Can you please lower food prices? Do you like to be president? Can you please lower the gas taxes?" - Tanner
"Dear President Obama,
I think that you should make a law that says if you litter there should pay a fee. What is your dogs name? How do you feel as president?" - Joseph
"Dear President Obama,
Please don’t shut down astronauts. Please help poor people. What is your dog name. Do you have a swimming pool? Also do you have a bowling alley? Do you have a movie theater and do have a brother or sister?" - Ria
"Dear President Obama, 
I think you should lower the prices so poor people can get things they really need. Also I think you should make things more expensive for rich people." - Shaia
"Dear President Obama,
Do you know about Flying Horse Farms? Can you lower taxes? Please. What’s so up with the gas prices? Oh yeah. My name is Kelli. I’m seven years old. I go to Columbus Academy! I’m in 1A! I watch Disney channel and I see your wife! Do you have gold? Do you have a pet? Do your kids love the White house? Do you have a pet? Which kid do you like most." - Kelli
"Dear President Obama,
Can you make house prices lower please? Can you give food to people with no money please? My name is Hailey. I am seven years old. What is your favorite room in the White House? You are a great President!" - Hailey
"Dear President Obama,
My name is Mikey. Can you please make school safer? Do you like being President? What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working? What is your dog’s name? Do you have your own plane? 
Why did the robber take a bath? To get a clean get away. 
I know that your favorite sport is basketball. I play basketball too. How old are your daughters?" - Mikey
"Dear President Obama,
My name is Skyler. I’m 8 but I’m almost 9. I go to Ellis School in Freemont N.H. I don’t’ mean to be a pane but I want to list down a few hopes and dreams. I’m giving you advice to get a good night sleep. Ellis needs a auditorium because we have a gym that ecows off the wall. If you’re in Freemont N.H. I siggest you come visit us if it ok with you." - Skyler
"Dear President Obama, 
My name is Luc and I’m 8 years old. Here’s some advice for running the U.S.A: Getting a good night sleep, lowwering the tax rate, and lowwering car payments." - Luc
"Dear President Obama,
I ask you to put more security in the school so nothing happen to the student or teachers like in Connecticut. I also ask you not to sell alot of gun to everybody because if someone buys a gun they can have a child and the child might grab the gun and do something dangerous. You should also help the schools even more. You should also let everyone to have the same equal opportunities so everyone can go to school to school and learn." - Maria
"Dear Mr. President,
You should try to help the school’s earn more money. Also help the homeless people and you should help lost animals. If we do that we will make the world a better place. Do you know that I am recycling bottles and paper. I pick up all of the trash in my yard and help lost animals find it’s owner. If you have time can you write back." - Stephanie
"Dear President Obama,
My name is Mathis. I am 5 years old. I think you have a hard job as President. While you are the President can you please make rules?" - Mathis
Dear President Obama,
"Hello, my name is Koh and I’m 10 years old. I am in the 4th grade in an elementary school in Fukuoka, Japan. In November, my English teacher taught us about the American Election. We even had a mock election which you won! It was 13 VS 8.
I want to talk to you about 2 things. 
First thing is about friendship between America and Japan. I go to America every summer. This year, I went to day camp for 2 weeks. It was fun spending 2 weeks with American children. So, I think America and Japan should be more friendly and have more time to get together.
Second thing is about being a president. I want to know what you do as a president. Please do a great job as president. You are leading the world.
I’m glad that I can write a letter to you. Thank you for reading my letter." - Koh
"Dear President Obama,
Hello. My name is Miharu. I am 10 years old. I am in the 4th grade in an elementary school in Fukuoka, Japan. In November my English teacher taught us about the American Election. It was a little difficult to understand for me. We even had a mock election which you won by 13-8. 
I hope people in the USA will become happy and friendly relations between USA and Japan will be deepened. I am supporting you so please do your best. Thank you for reading my letter." - Miharu 
"Dear President Obama,
I am a student at Lummi Nation school. I am in 4th grade. My teacher is Mrs. Retasket. I live on Lummi Reservation which is only ten miles wide. We have our own school for our people.
Could you help the native tribes with good medicine and a hospital on the Reservation? This would help people like my uncle." - TJ 
"Dear President Obama, 
I wrote this letter to you, President Obama. Can your men make a park, President Obama? Can you make this park at Lummi Shore Road?
At the park I would like a swimming pool, indoor tennis courts, and a game room with a lot of games so people can play. I would like prizes like Angry Birds in Space toys. I want it to not cost very much money.
This park would be important so young people at Lummi have good days and have somewhere to go. It would help them not have bad days or be sad at all." - Roberto
"Dear President Obama,
I am a student at Lummi Nation school. I am in the 5th grade. My teacher is Mrs. Retasket. 
I live on the Lummi Indian Reservation which is only 10 miles wide. We have our own school for our own people.
I am writing this letter to tell you about how you could help us. You can give us more money for homes to live in so famies aren’t homeless. Homes give a sens of permanence, where your family can live and grow. Emotional security goes with this. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter." - Patrick
"Dear Mr. President, I think all second graders should visit the White House and play with your dog Bo." - DaiJia, Georgia
"Dear Mr. President, I think students should only go to school 4 days a week. We will have more time to play then. Please work on this for me." - DeMarcus, Georgia
"Dear Mr. President, We must work together to stop people from hurting others with guns." - Sabrena, Georgia
"Dear President Obama, I think all children’s thoughts should matter and be respected. Please help with this." - Jocelyn, Georgia
"Dear Mr. President, I have a dog. A few days ago he rolled in some raccoon poo. Does Bo get into the same trouble? You are a good President." - Bix, Washington, D.C.
"Dear President Barack Obama, Please keep people away from smoking. Please help get rid of guns. Please stop bad people from murdering people." - Meikym, Washington
"Dear President Obama, I like plants. I like learning. I like soup." - Cindy, Washington, D.C.
"Dear President Obama, I would like to give you some advice. Will you please make a law. That just because your small does not mean your not smart or mean or nice. Thank you for being a nice president!!" - Maggie, Virginia
"Dear President Obama, You need to put more police at schools so no one would get killed ever again like at Connecticut. P.S. Please help the families that their kid was killed." - Justin, Virginia
"Dear President Obama, I wish that my school had Lego Robotics for Kindergarten." - Bryker, Texas
"Dear President Obama, Help the poor and the ones that do not have food." - Lily, Texas
School or Family Location
A.N. Rico Elemenatry Weslaco, TX
Abacus School of Austin Austin, TX
Abner Val Jean Jackson Elementary Wichita, KS
Academy Adventures  Tucson, AZ
Academy at the Farm Dade City, FL
ACSI Virginia Beach, VA
Adairsville High  Adairsville, GA
Adams Stem Academy Ypsilanti, MI
Adams Upper Elementary Westland, MI
Adelante College Preschool Minneapolis, MN
Adobe Christian Preschool Petaluma, CA
AGH Center for Child Pittsburgh, PA
Agia Sophia Academy Beaverton, OR
AHA Homeschoolers Chesterfield, MO
Aikman Elementary Hereford, TX
Air Base Elementary School Miami, FL
Airport Elementary Weslaco, TX
Al Ihsan Academy Lynbrook, NY
Alexander Elementary Alexander, NY
Alpine Online Lindon, UT
Altadena Elementary Burbank, CA
Ambuehl  Laguna Niguel, CA
Amosland Elementary Morton, PA
Andale Elementary - Middle School Andale, KS
Anna B. Day Elementary Philadelphia, PA
Anna Devine Ulster Park, NY
Anne Frank Elementary Philadelphia, PA
Antietam Elementary Woodbridge, VA
Appleton Christian Kimberly, WI
Appling County Primary School Baxley, GA
APS Albuquerque, NM
Arbor Park School Blair, NE
Arcadia Elementary Arcadia, WI
Archbishop Damiano School Westville Grove, NJ
Archway Trivium Goodyear, AZ
Ardis Ann Middle  Bentonville, AK
Arlington Science Focus Arlington, VA
Arrowhead Elementary Columbus, OH
Asa/Glenburn/OMS Orono, ME
Aspen Country Day School Aspen, CO
Ast Family Irmo, SC
Atchison County  Effingham, KS
Atherton Elementary Houston, TX
Atlantic Shores  Virginia Beach, VA
Audubon Charter School New Orleans, LA
Austin Area School Austin, PA
Avery Elementary Avery, TX
Avery Parsons Elementary Buena Vista, CO
Avon Central Avon, NY
AZVA Globe, AZ
B. Banneker Charter Kansas City, MO
B.F.Yancey Charlottesville, VA
Bach Ann Arbor, MI
Bacich Elementary Kentfield, CA
Baldwin CCC Millersville, MD
Ballantyne Reading Charlotte, NC
Bancroft Elementary Wilmington, DE
Barclay Brook School Monroe Township, NJ
Barclay Family East Elmhurst, NY
Barona Indian Charte Lakeside, CA
Barringer Academic Center Charlotte, NC
Barstow Memorial School Chittenden, VT
Bastrop Independant School District Cedar Creek, TX
Bauer Elementary Miamisburg, OH
Bayard Taylor Elementary Philadelphia, PA
Bel Air Bay Point, CA
Bell Creek  Beavercreek, OH
Bell Field Elementary Fremont, NE
Bellcreek Intermediate Bellbrook, OH
Belmont Community School Belmont, WI
Bentworth Elementary Bentleyville, PA
Beryl Wisdom Adventist School Apopka, FL
Beth Torah Preschool and Kindergarten Richardson, TX
Beye School Oak Park, IL
BFCDS Alexandria, VA
Bickleton Bickleton, WA
Big Lake Elementary Big Lake, AK
Bingham Farms Bingham Farms, MI
Bischof Family Toronto, CN
Black Mountain Elementary Cave Creek, AZ
Blackland Prairie  Round Rock, TX
Blackwell Institute Detroit, MI
Blanco Family Naples, FL
Blue Angels Elementary Pensacola, FL
Blue Ridge Elementary Lakeside, AR
Boggs Family Evans, GA
Bohinc Family Bethesda, MD
Boos Family Knoxville, TN
Boulder Valley  Boulder, CO
Bowers Harriman, TN
Boyer Family Clearwater Beach, FL
Boyne City Elementary School Boyne City, MI
Brandon Academy Newnan, GA
Bren Mar Park E.S. Alexandria, VA
Brentwood Austin, TX
BRHS Minot, ND
Bright Horizons Columbus, OH
Bright Horizons Phoenixville, PA
Bright Horizons Milton, MA
Bright Horizons  Austin, TX
Bright Horizons  Chandler, AZ
Bright Horizons @ High Ridge Park Stamford , CT
Bright Horizons Family Solutions / Valero Family Center San Antonio, TX
Bright Horizons Family Solutions at Baldwin Park Orlando, FL
Bright Horizons Tierrasanta San Diego, CA
Briscoe Elementary Houston, TX
Broderick Family Milford, NH
Bronte Elementary Bronte, TX
Brookfield Elementary School Brookfield, MA
Brooks Elementary School Brooks, GA
Brookside Elementary Binghamton, NY
Browning  Houston , TX
Brownsville Road Optional Memphis, TN
Bryker Woods Elementary Austin, TX
Bucknell Elementary Alexandria, VA
Bullock Family Bellaire, TX
Burch Family Chesapeake, VA
Burgundy Farm Country Alexandria, VA
Burr Oak Academy Calumet Park, IL
Burrell Family Plymouth, NH
Butts Road Primary Chesapeake, VA
BVRC Bryan , TX
California Montessori Project Sacramento, CA
Cambridge Eelementary Troy, NY
Campbellsport Elementary Campbellsport, WI
Cannan Elementary Indianapolis, IN
Capps Family Troy, VA
Carl A. Swanson Elementary Omaha, NE
Carlisle Area School District Carlisle, PA
Carlisle School  Martinsville, VA
Carlson Family Hermitage, TN
Carnegie Elementary Carnegie, PA
Caroline Elementary School Ithaca, NY
Carondelet Academy St. Louis, MO
Carver Detroit, MI
Casar Casar, NC
Cassingham Bexley, OH
Castle Hayne Elementary Castle Hayne, NC
Catonsville Elementary School Catonsville, MD
Catskill Elementary Catskill, NY
CAVA Oceanside, CA
CAVA - Fresno Los Banos, CA
CB Eller Elkin, NC
CCA Pittsboro, NC
CDC for BMS Hopewell Pennington, NJ
Cedar Creek Elementary Austin, TX
Cedar Creek Elementary Cedar Creek, TX
Cedar Wood Mill Creek, WA
Cedaredge Elementary Delta , CO
Centennial Fargo, ND
Centreville School Centreville, DE
Central College Westerville, OH
Central Methodist Stockton, CA
Central Park Elementary Bossier city, LA
Chamberlain Street School Rochester, NH
Chandler Elementary Plymouth, MA
Charles S. Ashley New Bedford, MA
Charles Wright Academy Tacoma, WA
Charlton Family Warren, OH
Charter School Colorado Springs, CO
Charter School of Morgan Hill Morgan Hill, CA
Chesterbrook Academy Raleigh, NC
Chestnutwold Elementary School Ardmore, PA
Children At Play Staten Island, NY
Children's Center Austin, TX
Chilton Family Pooler, OH
Chippewa Falls Chippewa Falls, WI
Christ Episcopal Covington, LA
Christ the King Catholic Church Pleasant Hill, CA
Christ the King Catholic School Indianapolis, IN
City School Grand Blanc, MI
Clark Family Pescadero, CA
Claremont Immersion School Arlington, VA
Cleckler-Heald Elementary Weslaco, TX
Clemens Private Practice Woodbridge, VA
Cleveland Elementary Dayton, OH
Clifton Middle School Houston, TX
Close Family Houston, TX
Clover Garden Charter School Burlington, NC
Clow ES Naperville, IL
Cobble Family Johnson City, TN
Cocopah Middle School Scottsdale, AZ
Cole Family Prosper, TX
Collab for Kids Indianapolis, IN
College Park Greendale, WI
Collierville Elementary Memphis, TX
Colvin Run Elementary School Vienna, VA
Comfort Elementary Comfort, TX
Connecting Waters Mountain House, CA
Connections Academy (MICA) Detroit, MI
Cook Elementary Houston, TX
Corridor Community Bennett, CO
Cottonwood Omaha, NE
Country Day Metairie, LA
Coupeville Elementary Coupeville, WA
Cova Castle Rock, CO
Crabapple Academy Suwanee, GA
Crafton Elementary Pittsburgh, PA
Crane Elementary Crane, TX
Creme de la Creme Norcross, GA
Cristo Rey Homeschool Cedar Park, TX
Crittenden County Elementary Marion, KY
Cross Timbers Elementary Azle, TX
Crossroad Center  Schenectady, NY
Crossroads Charter Academy Big Rapids, MI
Crouch Family Fort Collins, CO
CS 200 New York, NY
CSSD11 Colorado Springs, CO
Curtis Guild Boston, MA
Davern Family New York, NY
Daves Avenue Elementary Los Gatos, CA
Davie Family Phoenix, AZ
Deans Mill School Stonington, CT
Del City Elementary  Del City , OK
Delphi Academy Clearwater, FL
Deuteronomy 6 Tremont, IL
DGS Griffith Homeschool Snellville, GA
Dickinson East Macomb, MI
Dickinson East Elementary Hamtramck, MI
Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District Rehoboth, MA
Dillon Family Evansville, IN
Diven Elmira, NY
DODDS Stuttgart, Germany
Dodge Park Hyattsville, MD
DOL Fullerton, CA
Dols Family Brooklyn Park, MN
Dominguez Family East Elmhurst, NY
Don Jeter Rosharon, TX
Don Shute Elementary East Peoria, IL
Dossin Keego Harbor, MI
Dossin Elementary Canton, MI
Dossin Elementay/Middle Detroit, MI
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School Providence, RI
Dr. R. E. Margo Elementary Weslaco, TX
Dr. Sue Shook Elementary School Horizon City, X
Dry Creek JUESD Roseville, CA
Dulles & Springmyer Cincinnati, OH
Dunbar East St. Louis, IL
Dunbar Hill Hamden, CT
Dunkirk Elementary #3 Dunkirk, NY
East Vincent Elementary Spring City, PA
EastRidge Elementary Redmond, WA
Ebers Family Lincoln, NE
Edgewood Folsom, PA
Edison Charter Academy San Francisco, CA
El Paso Elementary Derby, KS
Elgin Elementary Elgin, AZ
Ellis School Epping, NH
Elmhurst Academy Elmhurst, IL
Elvira Elementary Tucson, AZ
Emerson Elementary School Seymour, IN
Emmott Elementary Houston, TX
Enterprise Elementary School Woodbridge, VA
Erving Elementary School Erving, MA
Eschelbach Family fort wayne, IN 
Etor Family San Antonio, TX
Expo Elementary St. Paul, MN
Eye Level Learning Center Rye Brook, NY
Faith Fellowship School Homestead, FL
Falkville Elementary Head Start Falkville, AL
Fassett Elementary Elmira, NY
Felix Cook Elementary Houston, TX
Fenton Primary Center Lake View Terrace, CA
Fisher Family Home Academy Easton, MO
Fisher School  Fisher, MN
Flanary Family Fritch, TX
Flat Rock Elementary Powhatan, VA
Fleming Family Cornwall, PEI, Canada
Fletcher Family Ringgold, GA
Flippen Elementary, Mainstay Academy, Union Grove Middle, Rocky Creek Elementary, Oakland Elementary McDonough, GA
Forest Glen  Green Bay, WI
Forest Lake Education Center Longwood, FL
Forest Lake Education Center Longwood, FL
Fort Belvoir Elementary School Fort Belvoir, VA
Fort Sam Houston Elementary San Antonio, TX
Foster Elementary Arvada, CO
Fountain Lake Hot Springs, AR
Frances S Tucker Elementary School Miami, FL
Francome Elementary Houston, TX
Frank Sinatra High School Astoria, NY
Frankford Township School Frankford, NJ
Franklin  School Franklin, CT
Franklin Elementary Port Angeles, WA
Franklin Elementary Pottstown, PA
Franklin Square Elementary Middle School Baltimore, MD
Freedom Elementary School Freedom, NH
Fremont Christian Preschool Fremont, CA
French Creek Pottstown, PA
Friends School Boulder, CO
Friends School  Decatur, GA
Frontier Elementary Clearwater, FL
G W Carver West Orange, NJ
G. W. Floyd Elementary Gadsden, AL
Galloway Family Orange Park, FL
Garcia Family Tulsa, OK
Garcia's Homeschool Houston, TX
GCA Atlanta, GA
GCE Commiskey, IN
Gems World Academy Renton , WA
Generations Crossing Harrisonburg, VA
George Long Elementary Grass Lake, MI
GH Reid Elementary Richmond, VA
Gina Greenwood Monroe, LA
Glebe Elementary School Arlington, VA
Glebe St. Johnstown, NY
Glenn Livingston Cody, WY
Glenview New Church School Glenview, IL
Glenwood Elementary Oak Ridge, TX
Glyndon-Felton  Moorhead, MN
Goddard  Pittsford , NY
Goddard School Carmel, IN
Grafton Elementary  Grafton, WI
Graham Elementary Austin, TX
Grant  Norfolk, NE
Graystone Academy Charter School Coatsville, PA
Greater Atlanta Christian School Norcross, GA
Green Meadows School Hampden, MA
Greene  Greene, NY
Greenville Nokesville, VA
Gulf Gate Elementary Sarasota, FL
H. B. Slaughter  Louisville, KY
Haisley Elementary Ann Arbor, MI
Haleyville-Mauricetown Port Norris, NJ
Hall Family Bremen, ME
Hamilton Westland, MI
Hamilton Elementary Hamilton, MO
Hamrick Family Wellington, FL
Hancock Family Houston, TX
Hartly Elementary Hartly, DE
Hatton Eielson Hatton, ND
Havern School Littleton, CO
Hawkins Family Mount Ida, AR
Hawthorne Elementary Fair Lawn, NJ
Hayward Elementary Sioux Falls, SD
Hazel Grove Elementary Mt. Airy, GA
Hazelwood Elementary Newcastle, WA
Healthy Start Academy Durham, NC
Helen Wilcox Oroville, CA
Heritage Elementary  Lynchburg, VA
Higgins Elementary Whitehouse, TX
Higgs Carter King San Antonio, TX
Highland Elementary Columbia Heights, MN
Highlander Charter School  Providence, RI
Hill Austin, TX
Hill School of Wilmi Wilmington, NC
Hillcrest Christian Academy Bethel Park, PA
Hillel Academy  Tampa, FL
Hilliard City Schools Columbus, OH
HillSprings Learning Center Colorado Springs, CO
Hilltop Elementary Reading, OH
Hines Caldwell Houston, TX
Hintgen Elementary La Crosse, WI
Holland Elementary School Holland, MA
Holmes Alexandria, VA
Holterman Family Green Bay, WI
Holy Cross Elementary Santa Cruz, CA
Holy Name of Jesus School New Orleans, LA
Holy Name School Kansas City, KS
Holy Spirit School Rochester, MN
Holy Trinity Dallas, TX
Holy Trinity Homeschool Stanardsville, VA
Homer Iddings Elementary School Merrillville, IN
Hooker Oak Elementary Chico, CA
Hoover Elementary Wayne, MI
Hopewell School Oxford, PA
Hudson Elementary School Brownsville, TX
Hudson PEP Longview, TX
Huebner & Discovery San Antonio, TX
Hugo Family Fayetteville, NY
Ichud Brooklyn, NY
Iliff  Denver, CO
Imogene Gideon Arlington, TX
Industrial Elementary East Vanderbilt, TX
Inez Elementary  Albuquerque, NM
Ingram Elementary Ingram, TX
Intermediate Hatboro, PA
J. Walter Graham Elementary School Austin, TX
J.B. Riebli Santa Rosa, CA
J.F.K. Elementary School Brewster, NY
JAA Jacksonville, FL
Jack Frost Elementary Georgetown, TX
Jackson Elementary Everett, WA
Jaffrey Grade School Jaffrey, NH
James E. Sampson Memorial SDA School Fort Pierce, FL
James K. Polk Alexandria, VA
Jamie McGee Elementary School Bolingbrook, IL
JBJ Muller Elementary Laredo, TX
Jefferson Elementary Jefferson Township, PA
Jefferson Elementary Pasadena, CA
Jefferson Elementary Pullman, WA
Jefferson Elementary Special Education York, SC
Jefferson Local West Jefferson, OH
Jerusalem Avenue North Bellmore, NY
Jewish Day School Bellevue, WA
JL Everhart Elementary Longview, TX
John Hancock Charter Pleasant Grove, UT
Jones Elementary Greensboro, NC
Journey Education Las Vegas, NV
Julia Molloy  Morton Grove, IL
Julius Marks  Lexington, KY
K12/TNVA Watertown, TN
k12azva Sahuarita, AZ
Kabrick Academy Bloomington, IN
Kane Area Elementary School Kane, PA
Kate Bell Elementary Houston, TX
K-Beach Elem Soldotna, AK
Kelley Family Maumelle, AR
Kemp Prek-8 Dayton, OH
Kensington Road Glens Falls, NY
Key Biscayne K-8  Miami, FL
Keystone Academy Moreno Valley, CA
Kid Appeal Learning Center High Point, NC
Kidology School Fayetteville, GA
Kihei Charter Pukalani, HI
Killingly Central Dayville, CT
Kim's Kids Omaha, NE
Kinderberry Hill Eden Prairie, MN
Kinderberry Hill Roseville, MN
Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center Edina, MN
Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center Minneapolis, MN
Kinderberry Hill Child Development Center Woodbury, MN
Kindercare  Pittsburgh, PA
King Stamford, CT
King's Academy Chicago, IL
King's Academy Milwaukee, WI
Kinhaven Arlington, VA
Kirby Attendace  Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Kittelson Family Eagan, MN
Knight Family Martinsville , VA 
Kreinhop Elementary  Spring, TX
kreitenberg Family Sherman Oaks, CA
Kyle Elementary Troy, OH
La Grange Tomah, WI
La Scuola Miami, FL
LaFarge Family Centertown, MO
Lake Dallas Elementary Lake Dallas, TX
Lake Stevens School District Lake Stevens, WA
Lakewood Elementary Ann Arbor, MI
Lakewood Elementary Norwalk, IA
LaMont Academy Springville, UT
Landmark Elementary  Manchester, MA
Langford Home School Centerton, AR
Langston Hughes Academy New Orleans, LA
Lantern Hill Home School Little Rock, AR
Larsen Family Bethlehem, PA
Las Yescas Elementary Los Fresnos , TX
Lassen View  Redding, CA
Laura Dearing Elementary Las Vegas, NV
Laura Micali Miami, FL
Laurel Elementary Fort Collins, CO
Lee Family North Las Vegas, NV
Leedom School Ridley Park, PA
Leo R. Croce Elementary Livermore, CA
Lewisdale ES Hyattsville,MD
Lexington School District 2 West Columbia, SC
Libbey Elementary Wheatland, WY
Liberty Elementary Chesterton, IN
Lincoln Aberdeen, WA
Lincoln Augusta, ME
Lincoln  Waukegan, IL
Lincoln Elementary Pryor, OK
Lincoln Public School Lincoln, NE
Lincoln Public Schools Lincoln, MA
Lincoln School Hartford, WI
Linden Hall Elementary Dazaifu, Fukuoka
Little Crusaders Learning Center Mobile, AL
Livermore Elementary School Livermore, ME
Lockhart Elementary Houston, TX
Lohr Elementary School Navarre, OH
Long Branch Elementary Arlington, VA
Longview ISD Longview, TX
Lordship Elementary School  Stratford, CT
Loughmiller Family Brazil, IN
Lower Lake Elementary Lower Lake, CA
Lt. Job Lane Elementary School Bedford, MD
Lucerne Valley Elementary School Lucerne Valley, CA
Luiseno School Lake Elsinore, CA
Lumen Christi  Thiensville, WI
Lummi Nation School Bellingham, WA
Madison ALE Forrest City, AR
Madison Elementary Norman, OK
Major George S. Welch Elementary Dover, DE
Malden Elementary Malden, MO
Manse Elementary Pahrump, NV
Marion City Schools Marion, OH
Mark Hopkins Elementary Centennial, CO
Mark Twain Elementary Brentwood, MO
Marshall Upper Elementary Westland, MI
Masera Learning Center Blue Point , NY+B114
Matagorda School Matagorda, TX
Maury Elementary Alexandria, VA
Maxwell Elementary Duncanville, AL
Mayer Family Wagon Mound, NM
McClelland Rochester, NH
McGrath Elementary Brentwood, MO
McNamara Elementary Houston, TX
Melrose Melrose, MA
Melrose Park School Melrose Park, IL
Memorial Elementary Milford, MA
Mercy CAPH Council Bluffs, IA
Meridian School Seattle, WA
Merritt Memorial & E.H. Bryan Cresskill, NJ
Merryman Academy Austin, TX
Mesita El Paso, TX
Met Pk Country Day Metairie, LA
Mettie Jordan Elementary Eunice, NM
Midtown Elementary Harriman, TX
Miles Martin Family Birmingham, AL
Milford ISD Milford, TX
Mill Creek Elementary Mill Creek, WA
Miller Elementary Tomah, WI
Millstadt Primary Center Millstadt, IL
Minisink Valley Elementary School Slate Hill, NY
Miraloma San Francisco, CA
Mitchell Family Randallstown, MD
Molin Upper Elementary school Newburyport, MA
Molloy Education Center Morton Grove, IL
Monhegan Island School Monhegan Island, ME
Monmouth Beach School Monnmouth Beach, NJ
Monte Cristo Elementary Granite Falls, WA
Moore Family Frankfort, KY
Morello Heritage Martinez, CA
Morgan Co. Primary Madison, GA
Morris Schott Elementary Mattawa, WA
Morriss Elementary Texarkana, TX
Morstatt Family Maryville, TN
Mount Rainier Student Group Washington, DC
Mount Vernon Presbyterian Atlanta, GA
Mountain Island Charter School Mount Holly, NC
Mountain View Elementary Fresno, CA
MS 394 Brooklyn, NY
Mt. Taylor Elementary Grants, NM
Muraco Elementary Winchester, MA
My Sunshine Center Valley Village, CA
N.I.C.E. Mt. Carmel, IL
Nash Elementary Texarkana, TX
Nassau Board of Cooperative Educational Services Island Trees, NY
Nations Ford Charlotte, NC
Naval Avenue ELC Bremerton, WA
Neal Dow Elementary Chico, CA
N.E.Miles Jewish Day School Birmingham, AL
Nevada Virtual Acade Las Vegas, NV
New Creations Preschool Fowlerville, MI
Newberry Elementary Newberry, SC
Newport High School Newport, OR
Noel Family Easton, PA
Noonan Academy Fort Myers, FL
North Beverly School Beverly, MA
North Elementary Watertown, NY
North Intermediate Center of Education Mount Carmel, IL
North Lake Elementary Hartland, WI
North Lake School North Lake, WI
North Ranch Elementary Phoenix/Scottsdale, A
North Shore Elementary School Big Bear Lake, CA
North Springfield ES Alexandria, VA
Northern Trust Child Chicago, IL
Northeast Regional Program Putnam, CT
Northridge Elementary Highlands Ranch, CO
Northwest Elementary LaSalle, IL
Northwest Elementary School Houstonia, MO
Notre Dame Academy Elementary Los Angeles, CA
NTDSE Satellite Morton Grove, IL
Oak Creek CDC Barberton, OH
OakCreek-Franklin Oak Creek, WI
Oakdale Edmond, OK
Oakman Dearborn, MI
Oakwood School annandale, VA
Obriskie Family North Canton, OH
Ochis Family Esko, MN
OCM BOCES Cortland, NY
Olney Academy Philadelphia, PA
Onsted Elementary Onsted, MI
Ontario Primary ontario, NY
Oologah-Talala LE Oologah, OK
Orlowski Family Cutchogue, NY
Oso Grande Elementary Ladera Ranch, CA
Ottinger Family Greeneville, TN
Our Lady of Coromoto Spring, TX
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Kenner, LA
Our Lady Queen of He Lake Charles, LA
Our Savior Lutheran  St Petersburg, FL
Overlook Primary School Poughkeepsie, NY
P224@PS205 East Elmhurst, NY
Pablo Roybal Elementary Santa Fe, NM
Paideia School Altanta, GA
Palmer Oaks Academy Haughton, LA
Palmer River Elementary School Rehoboth, MA
Paradise Elementary Alexandria, LA
Park Maitland School Maitland, FL
Park View Morton Grove, IL
Parkview School Easton, MA
Paul Munro Elementary Lynchburg, VA
PAVCS Fox Chapel, PA
PCSST Elementary Paterson, NJ
P.D. Graham Westland, MI
Peabody ECC Washington, DC
Peachtree Academy Covington, GA
Pearl Center  Simpsonville, SC
Pease Elementary Austin, TX
Pennington School Manassas, VA
PEP Ireland Cleveland, OH
Perrymont Lynchburg, VA
PFC Mario Ybarrra Elementary Weslaco, TX
Phillips Elementary  Phillips , ME
Phillipsburg Phillipsburg, NJ
Philpot Family Disputanta , VA
Picnic Point Edmonds, WA
Pierson Family Gainesville, FL
Pikes Peak Prep Colorado Springs, CO
Pine Crest Elementary School Silver Spring, MD
Pine Knob Elementary Clarkston, MI
Pine Tree ISD Longview, TX
Pineview Elementary Lexington, SC
Pineview Elementary School West Columbia, SC
Pittsfield Elementary Ann Arbor, MI
Plantersville Middle Tupelo, MS
Pleasant Hill Elementary Leander, TX
Pleasant Valley Elementary Bartonville, IL
Pleasant Valley Primary Vancouver, WA
Pleasant Valley School San Miguel, CA
Plentywood School Plentywood, MT
Poland Utica, NY
Poplar Forest Academ Pittsboro, NC
Port Huron Port Huron, MI
Portage Central Elementary Portage, MI
Porter Family Ankeny, IA
Posen Consolidated Schools Posen, MI
Poulsbo Elementary Poulsbo, WA
Prairie Elementary Cottonwood, ID
Prairie Wind Gillette, WY
Presbyterian Day School Memphis, TX
Prince William County Bristow, VA
Pringle-Morse Morse, TX
Private School San Jose, CA
Private School San Bruno, CA
PRLP Atlanta, GA
Project Innovation Afterschool Jackson, MS
Providence Academy Orlando, FL
Provo Elementary School Provo, UT
Prunty Family Sykesville, MD
PS 101 Forest Hills, NY
PS 107 Brooklyn, NY
PS 116, PS 201 Queens, NY
PS 12 Brooklyn, NY
PS 135 Cambria Heights, NY
PS 15Q The Jackie Robinson School Springfield Gardens, NY
PS 273 Brooklyn, NY
PS 31 Staten Island, NY
PS 325 New York NY
PS 397 Brooklyn, NY
PS 90 Q Richmond HIll, NY
PS/IS 155 Oakland Gardens, NY
PS/MS 147 Queens Cambria Heights, NY
PS/MS 5X Port Morris Bronx, NY
PS90 Richmond Hill, NY
Puckett Amarillo, Tx
Purdy  Gig Harbor, Wa
Pymatuning Valley Primary School Andover, OH
Pyrtle & Hartley Lincoln, NE
Quarton Birmingham, MI
Rainbow Academy Rutherford, NJ
Ramona Elementary Moreno Valley , CA
Rancho Village Elementary Oklahoma City, OK
Rasmussen Family Eugene, OR
Ratkowski Homeschool Kalispell, MT
Razdolna Homer, AK
RC Buckley Elementary Lansing, NY
RCHill Romeoville, IL
Reading Clinic Rochester, NY
Red Oak Elementary Stockbridge, GA
Reed Elementary Ladue, MO
Reed Elementary St. Louis, MO
Reeves Hinger Canyon, TX
Regina Caeli Academy Norcross, GA
Renascence School International Panama City Panama City, FL
Ridge Hill School Norwell, MA
Ridley School District  Ridley Park, PA
Riker Hill School Livingston, NJ
Ringgold Primary School Ringgold, GA
Rio Vista Elementary North Hollywood, CA
Rivas Family Ambler, PA
River Pediatric Therapies, Inc. Glenshaw, PA
River Vale River Vale, NJ
Riverside Elementary Menomonee Falls, WI
RiverTree Christian School Massillon, OH
Roaeland Christian Chicago, Il
Roberge River Vale, NJ
Rockaway Valley School Boonton Township, NJ
Rocketship San Jose, CA
Rockledge Elementary Woodbridge, VA
Rogers City Elementary Rogers City, MI
Rohr Elementary Chula Vista, CA
Ronda Clingman Ronda, NC
Roosevelt McGrath Elementary Wayne, MI
Rosenmiller Family California, MO
Ross Elementary/State Street Elementary Topeka, KS
Rucker Elementary Houston, TX
Rural Retreat Virginia Rural Retreat, VA
S Lawrence East Elementary Lawrence, MA
Saccarappa Elementary School Westbrook, ME
Sacred Heart Monticello, IA
Sacred Heart Cathedral School Knoxville, TN
Sacred Heart School Uvalde, TX
Sag Harbor Elementary School Sag Harbor, NY
Saint John the Baptist Elementary Draper, UT
Saint Michael School for Exceptional Children New  Orleans, LA
Salas Family Leander, TX
Salem Boys & Girls Club Preschool Salem, NH
Salyers Elementary Spring, TX
Samuel R. Donald Bloomingdale, NJ
Sandown North Sandown , NH
Santa Cruz Catholic  Buda, TX
Sardis Elementary Monroe, NC
SCH Academy Philadelphia, PA
Scholars Academy Charlotte, NC
Science Academy St. George, UT
SCOPE @ Shaw Ave. Elem. Valley Stream, NY
SCVi Charter School Home Study Santa Clarita, CA
Seacoast Charter School Kingston, NH
Seagoville Elementary Dallas, TX
Seven Hills Academy Devens, MA
Shadowbriar Elementary School Houston, TX
Sharon School Robbinsville, NJ
Sheffield Lynchburg, VA
Sheppard Elementary Sheppard AFB, TX
Sherman Elementary Houston, TX
Sherwood Elementary Melbourne, FL
Sherwood Elementary Sherwood, AR
Shining Stars PreK Rio Rancho, NM
Shorecrest Prep St. Petersburg, FL
Sickler Family Milford, NH
Sierra Vista Elementary El Paso, TX
Silverwood Elementary School Concord, CA
Sims Elementary Conyers, GA
Sinclair Elementary Sinclair, WY
SJB Elementary Draper, UT
Skills 4 Life OT Boulder, CO
Sleepy Hollow Elementary School Falls Church, VA
Sligo Creek Elementary Silver Spring, MD
Sloan-Pena Family Yorba Linda, CA
Smith Elementary Austin, TX
Smith Family Indianapolis , IN
Smith Family Springfield, OH
Socorro Middle El Paso, TX
Solana Vista Elementary Solana Beach, CA
Sollers Sunday School lothian, MD
Solomon Schechter School of Queens Flushing, NY
Somers Kenosha, WI
Sonora Intermediate  Sonora, TX
Sonshine Academy Churchville , VA
Soule Salem, NH
Southern Elementary New Castle, DE
Southside Elementary Coweta, OK
Spanish Schoolhouse Southlake, TX
Spiller Wytheville, VA
Spring Ridge Elementary Wyomissing, PA
Springs Ranch Elementary Colorado Springs, CO
SSH Southlake Carrollton, TX
St Stanislaus Kostka Chicago, IL
St Vincent's Preschool St. Petersburg, FL
St. Anne's Belfield Charlottesville, VA
St. Bernard Academy Nashville, TN
St. Cecilia  Tustin, CA
St. Cyprian's Episcopal Lufkin, TX
St. Gregory Maryville, MO
St. John Sacred Heart Sherwood, WI
St. John's Parish Ellicott City, MD
St. Joseph  Cold Spring, KY
St. Joseph's Elementary Malone, NY
St. Mary's Catholic  Brownsville, TX
St. Mary's Episcopal Edmond, OK
St. Mary's School Boise, ID
St. Matthew  Charlotte, NC
St. Michael School for Excetional Children New Orleans, LA
St. Monica Indianapolis, IN
St. Paul's Co-Education School Hong Kong, Hong Kong
St. Paul's Lutheran School Fort Wayne, IN 
St. Peter Elementary Covington, LA
St. Robert Shorewood, WI
St. Stephen's  Mechanicsburg, PA
St. Thomas More Kansas City, MO
St. Vincent de Paul  Mobile, AL
Stanley British Primary School Denver, CO
Stapel Family OakCreek, WI
Starkweather Elementary West Chester , PA
Starr Elementary Plainwell, MI
State Road Elementary Webster, NY
State Street/Ross Elementary Topeka, KS
Stephen Decatur Indianapolis, IN
Stephen F. Austin Elementary Taft, TX
Sterling and Goodyear Elementary, Jane Macon Middle Brunswick, GA
Stevenson Carmel, CA
Stevensville Elementary Stevensville, MT
Stony Brook Rockaway, NY
Sto-Rox Elementary McKees Rocks, PA
Stratford Elementary Stratford, OK
Stratton Elementary  Stratton, ME
Strawberry Park Elementary Steamboat Springs, CO
Strickland Intermediate Farmers Branch, TX
Strong Elementary  Kingfield, ME
Strong Elementary  Strong, ME
Sullens Academy Ellabell, GA
Sullivan's School FPO, AP
Summers' Academy Corryton, TX
Summerville Family Suwanee, GA
Sun Valley Elementary San Rafael, CA
Sunderland Elementary School sunderland, MA
Sunrise Acres ES Las Vegas, NV
Sunset Elementary School Cody, WY
Suquamish Elementary Suquamish, WA
Surrarrer Elemantary Strongsville, OH
Susanna Wesley School Shelton, CT
Swartz Creek Community Schools Swartz Creek, MI
Synergy Charter Los Angeles, CA
Syring Elementary Swartz Creek, MI
Taft Wayne, MI
Tarrant Hampton, VA
TCAPS Traverse City, MI
TCAPS Traverse City, MI
TCAPS Traverse City, MI
TECA San Francisco, Ca
Tekamah Herman School Tekamah, NE
Temple-Emanu-El Cranford, NJ
Ten Sleep Elementary Ten Sleep, WY
Teravista Elementary Round Rock, TX
Terrell Family Little Rock, AR
Tesuque Elementary Santa Fe , NM
The Academy of Regis College Weston, MA
The ACES Avondale, AR
The Aptos Academy Aptos, CA
The Child School Middle Village, NY
The Children's Guild Chillum, MD
The Children's School Atlanta, GA
The Columbus Academy Gahanna, OH
The Day School at the Children's Institute Pittsburgh, PA
The Education Center Pittsburgh, PA
The Goddard School Moorestown, NJ
The Goddard School Norwood, NJ
The Hagedorn Little Village School Seaford, NY
The Help Group Simi Valley, CA
The Howard School Atlanta, GA
The Institute for Ef San Diego, CA
The King's Academy Woodstock, GA
The Langley School McLean, VA
The Learning Community Broadalbin, NY
The Meridian School Seattle, WA
The Orion School Atlanta, GA
The Pegasus School Huntington Beach, CA
The Perkins School Seattle, WA
The Phoenix Ranch School Simi Valley, CA
The Ridge Hill School Norwell, MA
The Tatnall School Wilmington, DE
The Victory Center for Autism North Miami, FL
Three Rivers Charter Fort Bragg, CA
Timbercrest Jr High Redmond, WA
Timothy Road Elementary Athens, GA
Toombs County hazlehurst, GA
Torah Academy Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL
Tracy Byrd Schertz, TX
Tri County Preschool Orrville, OH
Trinity Christian School Cedar Hill, TX
Tri-unity Christian Wyoming, MI
Troutman Family Oakwood, OH
Truman Elementary Pacific, MO
Tupelo Elementary Tupelo, OK
Turnagain Anchorage, AK
Twin Heights Academy Lenoir, NC
Twombly Elementary Fort Lupton, CO
UMIS Hatboro, PA
Union Pacific Child Development Center Omaha, NE
United Friends School Quakertown, PA
University Schools Greeley, CO
Upsurge Homeschool Bluffton, IN
Ursuline Academy New Orleans, LA
USJ Jackson, TX
UTVA/K12 Logan, UT
Vail Mountain School Vail, CO
Val Jackson Elementary Wichita, KS
Valley Center Primary School Valley Center, CA
VAVA  Fredericksburg, VA
Velazquez Family Herndon, VA
Ventana School Los Altos, CA
Venus Primary School Arlington, TX
Verderosa Family West Palm Beach, FL
Verdigre Public Schools Verdigre, NE
Verona Schoolhouse Austin, TX
Vickery Family Chattanooga, TN
Villa Academy Seattle, WA
Virginia A Boone Highland Oaks Elementary  Miami, FL
Visitation Kansas City, MO
Voyageur Academy Detroit, MI
W.B. Travis Elementary Mercedes, TX
W.C.K. Walls School Pitman, NJ
W.T. Sampson, Guantanmo Naval Station Cuba  FPO, AE
Walker Bedford Park, IL
Washington Altus, OK
Washington Kingsburg, CA
Washington  Janesville, WI
Washington Elementary Davenport, IA
Watkins Mill Elementary School Montgomery Village , MD
Watson Elementary Massillon, OH
Waverly Yowell Elementary Madison, VA
Wayne Academy Goldsboro, NC
Wayne County Schools Monticello, KY
WCES Sylvester, GA
Webb School of Knoxville Knoxville, TX
Weeping Water Public School Weeping Water, NE
Wellsville Elementary Wellsville, PA
Wentworth Intermediate Scarborough, ME
West Cheatham Elementary Chapmansboro, TN
West Newton Elementary Covington, GA
West River Academy California, MD
West Vine West Broad St Schools Pawcatuck, CT
Westminster Christian Palmetto Bay, FL
Westside Powell, WY
Weyanoke Elementary School Alexandria, VA
Whittier Houston, TX
Whittle Family Warner Robins, GA
Wiechman Family Elmhurst, IL
Wildwood Westland, MI
Wildwood Elementary Mahtomedi, MN
Willard School Evanston, IL
Willett Early Childhood Center Norwood, MA
William A. Kirlew Jr. Academy Miami Gardens , FL
William Hatch Elementary Oak Park, IL
William Tyson Elementary Anchorage, AK
Williamsburg Elementary Williamsburg, MA
Will-Moore  Bismarck, ND
Willow Creek Elementary Nampa, ID
Willow Road Franklin Square, NY
Wilson Elementary School Sheboygan, WI
Wilson Middle Haslet, TX
Windermere Academy Austin, TX
Windsor Park Primary Cedar Hill, TX
Windy Hill  Owings, MD
Wines Ann Arbor, MI
Winter Family Cedar Creek, TX
Winthrop Charter Tampa, FL
Wm. McKinley Elementary Whiting, IN
Wolftrap Elementary School Vienna, VA
Wood Acres Elementary School Bethesda, MD
Woodland Elementary Milford, MA
Woodland Elementary Southwick, MA
Woodland Park Academy Grand Blanc, MI
Woodland School Portola Valley, CA
Woodrow Wilson  Sherborn, MA
Wooster City Schools Wooster, OH
Wright Family Greencastle, IN
Yeshiva of Spring Va Suffern, NY
YPLC Fun Zone Fort Collins, CO
Zenith Academy Columbus, OH
Ziegler Elementary Philadelphia, PA
Zion Lutheran New Palestine, IN
Zion Lutheran St Charles, MO