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Handwriting Without Tearms

K-4 Workbooks & Teacher's Guides

Electronic Teacher’s Guides Now Available!

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Our electronic teacher’s guides come with three layers of excellence:
  1. Guides: Digital display of the teacher’s guides built into an easy and intuitive eReader
  2. HotSpots: Videos, music, exclusive HWT content, and third party resources
  3. BrightSpots: You can record audio, write notes, highlight, and add documents and links

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First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade 

Our student workbooks and teacher’s guides give you the latest resources and strategies for teaching handwriting in only 15 minutes per day!

With these editions, you’ll have everything you need to help children with improved writing performance, academic success, and overall self-esteem. Elementary students spend the majority of their day doing pencil and paper work. Good handwriting skills help students write with speed and ease in all subjects.
Our workbooks and teacher’s guides make it even easier to teach handwriting and integrate it into your language arts instruction.
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Second grade cursive introduction option 

  • With Printing Power Plus, children focus on print mastery with an expanded Printing Power workbook, and then close out the year with introductory cursive lessons in the new Kick Start Cursive workbook. Learn more →

Aligns with Common Core State Standards 

  • Lessons support the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Math.  Learn more →

Cross curricular connections 

Technology links 

New Home Links 

More to Learn and ELL/Support sections

  • ELL and support strategies provide suggestions for modifying or reinforcing lessons. 
  • More to Learn activities extend each lesson.
  • Learn more →

Expanded teaching guidelines 

  • User-friendly teaching guidelines and lessons for 36 weeks of handwriting


  • See the new editions in action at one of our workshops.