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Handwriting Without Tearms

A+ Worksheet Maker Lite

Reinforce good handwriting habits in all subjects!

Worksheets can be a plus, or worksheets can be a problem. Create worksheets that are a plus in your classroom! What makes an effective worksheet?

Art: related to page, well placed, clean and clear

Page Layout: whole page and section layouts fit the writing task

Lines and Letters: grade appropriate lines, letters modeled correctly

Use/Purpose: reinforces concept, adds variety, appropriate directions

Spacing: spaces are big enough for grade level, give room for independent writing

Get Started!

The A+ Worksheet Maker Lite is a free and easy to use classroom resource that enables educators to integrate the unique HWT font and double lines into other classroom activities.

The A+ Worksheet Maker Lite lets you create:

  • Worksheets for grades K-4, in both print and cursive with grade-appropriate lines and spacing
  • Worksheets for additional handwriting practice in other subjects, such as expository writing, spelling and vocabulary
  • Spanish language worksheets