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Handwriting Without Tearms

Teaching Philosophy

Our curriculum is designed to make handwriting easy to teach, and easy to learn, in just 15 minutes a day.

The Handwriting Without Tears printing and cursive programs draw from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory tools and strategies for your classroom. Research shows that children learn more effectively by actively doing, with materials that address all styles of learning.

Our printing and cursive programs follow three principles:

1. Simply Smart Student Materials

We design all our materials to be intuitive, engaging, and developmentally progressive. We’ve used our direct experience and knowledge of how students learn best to develop unique teaching materials that are easy and fun. Our lessons and activities also make it easy to integrate handwriting into other lessons, and support children working at all levels.

2. Active Teaching

We facilitate instruction that engages children, so that they are active participants. You and your students will move, sing, talk, and experience each lesson. Integrated, informal assessments allow you to track each child's progress, and adjust, repeat, or vary instruction for the best learning outcomes.

3. Teacher Support

We believe that if you have knowledge of handwriting and really cool tools, you will be empowered. We can answer your handwriting questions and help you with your concerns. Why are children mixing up capitals and lowercase? What about reversals? We provide answers to understand and avoid those problems.
We also have a library of classroom tools to help you succeed: assessments, handwriting apps and interactive whiteboard programs, how-to videos, and interactive training with experts in the field!