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Handwriting Without Tearms

First Grade

Print the complete Handwriting Standards PDF document

Physical Skills

1.1 Physical Approaches and Skill Development
Students will develop necessary physical skills for handwriting. Each student will:

A. Use a correct and efficient pencil grip for writing
B. Stabilize paper with non-writing hand while writing
C. Position writing paper appropriately
D. Maintain sitting posture for writing

Printing Skills

1.2 Letter Skills
Students will demonstrate skills in printing letters and numbers from memory. Each student will:

A. Demonstrate correct formation of letters and numbers
     1. Start capital letters at the top
     2. Start numbers at the top
     3. Start lowercase letters (except d and e) at the top
     4. Follow standard formation sequence for letters and numbers
B. Orient letters and numbers correctly (without reversals)
C. Place letters and numbers on a baseline (within 1/16″ above or below)
D. Write letters, numbers, and symbols in a grade-appropriate size
E. Follow the writing guidelines of various styles of paper (triple, double, and single lines)

1.3 Word Skills
Students write letters together to form words. Each student will:

A. Write names
     1. Begin each name with a capital
     2. Form each letter in a name, moving left to right
     3. Write courtesy titles correctly (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss., Dr.)
     4. Leave clearly defined space between title, first name, and last name
B. Write 2- to 7-letter words
     1. Form each letter in the word, moving left to right
     2. Use appropriate spacing (i.e., letters close together, NOT touching or overlapping)

1.4 Sentence Skills
Students write words to express thoughts, forming sentences. Each student will:

A. Write 2- to 5-word sentences
B. Write from left to right, returning to left margin of subsequent lines as needed
C. Use sentence writing conventions:
     1. Begin with a capital letter
     2. Leave a clearly defined space between words
     3. Use ending punctuation (period, question mark, or exclamation point)

1.5 Writing Conventions
Students will combine sentences to express ideas or opinions, using formatting conventions that are extensions of
handwriting skills. Each student will:

A. Copy/write a short paragraph
     1. Use three to five sentences
     2. Indent the first line of a paragraph
B. Write titles of written works, capitalizing the first, last, and important words