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Keyboarding Without Tears


When you implement Keyboarding Without Tears in your classroom, you gain access to many resources to help support your instruction and promote keyboarding success.

+Live Insights is your teaching dashboard for Keyboarding Without Tears. It includes: 

Grade-Level Teacher’s Guides

These easy-to-use teacher’s guides contain digital citizenship lessons and teacher-led lessons to supplement your handwriting instruction and get students familiar with the keyboard. 


Teaching Guidelines

Our 36-week grade-level teaching guidelines show you the sequence of activities and spot checks to help you plan instruction. You can even preview each activity to see what’s coming up for the week.


Progress Reporting

See how your students are progressing through the program and track live results for speed and accuracy Spot Checks. These reports can be easily downloaded, printed, and shared with other educators or families. 


Get the most out of our program


Get all the training you need to teach written production.

K-5 Keyboarding Workshop

  • Learn about Keyboarding Without Tears and keyboarding in the elementary classroom
  • Deepen your knowledge of handwriting with cool, new digital materials from Handwriting Without Tears®
  • Get $120 in free licenses you can start using tomorrow!

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Plan Your Own Workshop

You can sponsor a training workshop for your school, district, or organization. Workshops are cost-effective and easy to organize.