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Keyboarding Without Tears

Our Curriculum

Keyboarding Without Tears® is an award-winning, web-based curriculum that teaches the keyboarding and pre-keyboarding skills students need to succeed in today’s classroom. 

We also teach more than just typing. We help you prepare students for the digital world with general computer readiness and digital citizenship skills, too!

  • Developmentally appropriate by grade
  • Game-based lessons and activities
  • Continuous, meaningful review
  • Cross-curricular connections

The Keyboarding Without Tears curriculum features:

Pre-Keyboarding & Keyboarding

We introduce children to keyboard and mouse functions, and focus on fine motor skills, finger dexterity, and correct typing habits. Typing instruction progresses by grade level and developmental needs.


Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship lessons for all grades include four areas: digital information, digital protection, digital consideration, and digital communication. This ensures children are safe and responsible as they navigate online.

General Computer Readiness

We get children comfortable and familiar with technology terms and concepts. Children who are confident using technology tools in a digital setting are prepared for computer-based testing and perform better.