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Keyboarding Without Tears

Handwriting & Keyboarding: Standards for the Production & Presentation of Writing

Print the complete Handwriting & Keyboarding Standards PDF document.

Both handwriting and keyboarding are skills students need to master in order to produce effective written work. These two skills work together in the classroom to create an engaged, balanced, and successful learning environment. 
The Common Core State Standards and other state standards have increased requirements for student writing throughout the elementary years. These standards also have varying standards for fluent handwriting and keyboarding. This leaves schools trying to determine what is appropriate by grade level in terms of both writing production skills.
These standards can help guide your instruction to make sure that children are learning to write and type in a developmental order that promotes success. The standards were developed by a team of occupational therapists, teachers, and field experts based on current research about handwriting, keyboarding, and technology use in early education classrooms. 
In this document, you will find handwriting and keyboarding standards for each grade level from kindergarten through grade 4+. 
The standards provide:
  • Expectations for student handwriting and keyboarding performance
  • Standards for pre-writing and pre-keyboarding skills
  • A framework for evaluating classroom instruction approaches
  • Tools for educating others about handwriting standards for elementary education