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Dear Friends,

Happy National Handwriting Day!

At Handwriting Without Tears, every day is a handwriting day, but on John Hancock’s birthday we really celebrate! Take some time today to teach your children about John Hancock and his prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence.

Join us in celebrating by participating in our “Choose Your Handwriting Style” poll and contest, sharing your celebration pictures with us on social media, and by checking out our free downloads for fun classroom activities for all grade levels.

In this issue of Frog Jump Gazette, we cover all things handwriting—from double lines to how to fix the most common handwriting struggles.

It’s not too late to make significant changes in your classroom this year! Better writers mean better communicators—and with your help, we can create successful writers in every classroom.

All the best,

Jan Z. Olsen


Ask Jan

This month’s Ask Jan features questions about Double Lines, or as our teachers call it, “Miracle Paper!”

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How-To Article 

How To Easily Solve Handwriting Struggles 
Students struggling with writing? There’s time to fix it! 

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Activities & Downloads

Our top free downloads to extend lessons in all subjects.

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Little Hoppers

3 Tips to Foster Family Engagement
Use our helpful ideas to build a bridge for better school-to-home connections!

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Jump Into Keyboarding

What is the Connection between Keyboarding & Handwriting?
How do these two forms of writing relate to each other, and what does it mean for your classroom?

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